Level 85, ilvl 510


Thavnair (X:25.5, Y:36.7)

Skies Aflame

The skies over Thavnair are aflame, and panic spreads through the populace like wildfire. One by one, civilians are twisted into grotesque fiends, hells-bent on slaughtering everything in sight. The deadliest of these creatures leads its newly spawned kin through the jungle, towards a number of smaller settlements, and as such, Ahewann has dispatched his Radiant Host to forestall the carnage. Though Vrtra, too, lends his strength to the cause, even that may prove insufficient, and thus do the Scions enter the fray.  


Terminus Snatcher

In this boss fight, there are several important abilities to be aware of. Firstly, the boss will use "Last Gasp" as a tank buster attack. "Note of Despair" is a room-wide AoE attack that affects all players. Another ability called "Mouth Off" will cause the boss to summon five non-targetable mouths around the edge of the arena. After some time, these mouths will spawn an AoE on themselves. Two of the mouths will be closed and serve as safe zones, so players must stand on or behind them to avoid the attack. The boss also has a move called "What Is Left/Right" where it will fire AoE attacks from the left or right side of its hitbox, covering that side of the arena. By observing which arm the boss raises, players can determine which attack is coming. "Lost Hope" is another ability that debuffs players with "Temporary Misdirection," causing a spinning hand to appear over their heads. Players can only move in a straight line in the direction the hand points, making movement challenging. This debuff is often active during "Mouth Off," so players must time their movement carefully to reach the safe zones. "Wallow" is an ability that gives each player a point-blank AoE attack with a red arrow marker over their head, requiring players to spread out to avoid overlapping damage. This ability is used infrequently and only during "What Is Left/Right." These attacks will continue until the boss is defeated.

Terminus Wrecker

After approximately ten seconds, the arena's edge is ignited and inflicts a debuff called "Burns" which deals Damage over Time for 30 seconds. "Burns" is accompanied by the following mechanics: "Total Wreck" which is a Tank Buster attack, "Meaningless Destruction" which is a room-wide AoE, "Poison Heart" where a random player receives a stack marker and requires other players to stack together to mitigate damage, and "Unholy Water" which summons six Water Orbs along the arena's edge. Touching an orb absorbs the player and debuffs them with "Fetters" and a "Water Resistance Down" debuff, but grants immunity to fire damage. After summoning the orbs, the boss will immediately cast one of two variations of "Aether Siphon" depending on whether it absorbed aether from the burning buildings (Fire) or the lake (Water). "Aether Siphon" alternates between the two types after the first usage. If the boss casts "Aether Spray - Fire," it unleashes a room-wide fire AoE that can only be avoided by running to an unoccupied water orb before the cast finishes. Players hit by the attack receive a 20-second "Burns" debuff. On the other hand, if the boss uses "Aether Spray - Water," a large radial knockback marker appears in the center of the room. Players can either stay at the center to avoid being knocked into the arena's edge or use a knockback resistance skill.

Blasphemy: Svarbhanu

Approximately ten seconds into the battle, an area-of-effect (AoE) attack will cover the edge of the arena, causing a 15-second debuff called "Bleed" that inflicts damage over time. The boss has several other abilities, including "Gnashing of Teeth," which is a tank buster attack, and "Flames of Decay," a room-wide AoE attack. Another ability called "Aetherial Disruption" divides the floor into quadrants using four wide line AoEs, with two red and two blue. Players will be shown either a red circle or a blue triangle to indicate which AoEs will explode, and they must move to the opposite ones to avoid damage. Immediately after casting "Aetherial Disruption," the boss will use "Crumbling Sky," which can have one or both of the following effects: a radial knockback that pushes players backward and a circular AoE that requires spreading out. During the meteor phase, the boss moves to the east edge of the arena and casts "Crumbling Sky," but with different effects than during "Aetherial Disruption." The boss then leaves the arena and shoots sets of three meteors at the stage, creating line AoEs when they hit the edge. Players must find a safe column to stand in and dodge the randomly appearing small AoEs. After firing three sets of meteors, the boss returns to the arena. It's important to note that the safe lines for the meteor AoEs are determined randomly. The fight remains the same, except that both effects of "Crumbling Sky" occur every time it is used.