The Temple of the Fist

The Temple of the Fist

Level 70, ilvl 280

70, i340

Rhalgr's Reach (X:12.2, Y:5.5)

To Kill a Coeurl

Countless monks once shed their blood, sweat, and tears here all in the name of strengthening their bond with Rhalgr, the Destroyer. As time passed, the very route to the Inner Fist became a grueling test for those hoping to train their body and soul atop the perilous mountain. Now the time has come for you to follow in their footsteps. Accompanied by an avid scholar named Marjorie, you focus your sights on the temple and steel yourself for the trials that lie ahead.  


Coeurl Smriti

Coeurl Smriti is a straightforward Boss who attacks using his claws and jumping without a marker. He also has an AoE attack called Radial Blaster that causes "Magical Damage received up" if you are hit by it. Additionally, he uses the Blue Mage spell Basic Instinct. When his health is around 77%, he summons his minion Coeurl Sruti who behaves similarly to Coeurl Smriti but uses Windblaster in a 150° cone in front of him instead of Radial Blaster. Sruti has comparable health to Smriti, so it is recommended to focus on defeating Smriti first before engaging Sruti, similar to the Giruveganaus fight in The Stone Vigil (Hard). Every 20% of Smriti's health, he will cast Electric Blaster, which places purple markers on players that will be hit by an AoE Thunder attack, applying "Physical Damage received up".


Arbuda is a colossal, four-armed statue that wields a sword and unleashes powerful attacks. It is recommended to have a tank player draw its attention to one end of the arena. Non-tank players should position themselves at approximately 45 degrees off any of Arbuda's cardinal directions, ensuring they stand at 45, 135, 225, or 315 degrees if his front heading is considered to be 0 degrees. This positioning allows for enough time to move away and avoid two of Arbuda's main attacks. Arbuda's attacks include "Port and Star," which is a massive cone AoE that inflicts significant damage and knockback on its left and right sides. Players should stand in front of or behind Arbuda to dodge this attack. "Fore and Aft" is another massive cone AoE that inflicts considerable damage and knockback on its front and back sides. To avoid this attack, players should stand to either side of Arbuda. The "Fourfold Shear" attack targets the tank and follows them even if they move. It is important for the tank to be buffed and healed during this attack. "Hellseal" works similarly to the Liquid Flame's 'Seal of Night and Day' from Great Gubal Library (Hard). Players should move to the corresponding glowing symbol to dodge the attack, with a little leeway in timing. "Tapas" places invisible markers on every player and chases them with AoE bursts. Finally, "Killer Instinct" sees Arbuda assuming a defensive stance, reminiscent of Ravana. One side will be vulnerable to attack, while attacking any other side will result in Arbuda parrying the attack back at the player. This includes spells and area-effect Limit Breaks.

Ivon Coeurlfist

Ivon, a powerful ancient monk, is on a quest to find worthy challengers. Even experienced adventurers find him to be a formidable opponent. He has a variety of attacks that players need to be aware of. The first is Spirit Wave, which creates a whirlwind with an AoE Windzone on a random player, usually a Ranged DPS or the Healer. Players simply need to move out of its range as it doesn't last very long. Another attack is Hurricane Kick, a short-ranged 270° roundhouse kick AoE that leaves a 90° safe-spot for melee. If it hits, it inflicts Stun for a short time. Touch of Slaughter is an attack that marks one player at random and knocks them down to 1 HP, typically the Tank or one of the DPS. While not usually immediately fatal, healers should quickly heal the victim. Ivon also places a mine called Rhalgr's Piece that causes AoE damage if triggered, so players should move away to the outer edge of the platform. The Rose of Destruction marks one player with a large orange crosshair marker, requiring the party to stack together to split the damage. Furious Fist is a powerful super attack where Ivon fills the room with glowing chakra orbs that are tethered to him. Collecting these orbs weakens the attack and grants a short-lived stacking Damage Up buff. Once the cast is complete, Ivon will float over the center of the arena and unleash multiple punches, followed by a finishing strike called Impact that deals significant damage. If all orbs are collected, the first barrage will deal around 1,500 damage per hit, with the final hit being around 12,000 damage. Silent Roar marks one player and casts a tidal wave towards them. Getting hit by the wave can knock players back with a chance of falling off. In addition to these attacks, Ivon periodically summons glowing white heads that travel across the room, similar to the walls of mummies in The Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard). These are relatively easy to avoid as they move slowly, but later on, he will summon two waves at once crossing the arena perpendicular to each other.