The Fractal Continuum

The Fractal Continuum

Level 60, ilvl 145

60, i210

Azys Lla (X:22.5, Y:39.0, Z:7.1)

Do It for Gilly

Wedge is a man with a dream─a dream that Gilly, the kindly guidance node who escorted you through the aetheric wastes of Azys Lla might be restored to life, to blip to him once more. To that end, he'll need you to fetch her a new nacelle from the Fractal Continuum, a museum of Allagan technological creations that will open its doors to welcome its first visitor in some five millenia...  


Phantom Ray

During the battle, it is important to avoid the dangerous attack called "Double Sever". This attack involves a double cone Area of Effect (AoE) that spreads out in front of and behind the boss, and then repeats on each side. Additionally, as the battle progresses, there will be numerous circular ground AoEs accompanying this ability. Another attack to watch out for is "Rapid Sever", which is a tank buster. It is advised to use cooldowns as necessary in order to lessen the damage inflicted by this attack.


The 11-tonze swipe is a melee cleave that is directed forward. It does not come with an AoE ground indicator. Similarly, the 111-tonze swing is a melee cleave with a 360-degree range and knockback. It inflicts heavy damage and lacks an AoE ground indicator. The Disorienting Groan ability causes mild AoE damage and knockback. The boss will then move rapidly between players, dealing moderate damage with each impact. Afterward, the boss will use the 10-tonze slash, which is a forward-facing line AoE attack. The 1111-tonze Swipe is an AoE that covers the entire room. When the boss starts charging this move, a player (usually a healer or ranged character) must click on one of the Biomass Incubator tubes encircling the arena. This will spawn an add which distracts the boss and interrupts its attack. The add must be killed immediately.

The Curator

During the battle, Clockwork Alarum enemies will occasionally appear along the edge of the arena, occupying a single square and infusing it with a debuff that damages any player who touches it. These Clockwork Alarums will slowly move forward, spreading the debuff to adjacent squares, so they should be killed immediately. Additionally, The Curator may afflict a random player with a strong damage-over-time debuff called Aetherochemical Explosive, which must be cleansed by the healer right away. The Educator will light up a pattern of floor tiles that will explode after a short time, causing heavy damage to any players standing on them. Mines will also randomly appear on the floor tiles, and players should avoid or ignore them until they explode. Tanks should be prepared to absorb heavy magic damage and position themselves in a corner facing away from the group. They should also be ready to move in case of mines, to prevent melee DPS from having to dodge them. In summary, players should prioritize killing Clockwork Alarums, avoid stepping on lighted squares, stay away from mines, and promptly cleanse Aetherochemical Explosive.