The Fell Court of Troia (Duty)

The Fell Court of Troia (Duty)

Level 90, ilvl 575


Alzadaal's Legacy (Zone) (X:13.1, Y:9.5)

In Search of Azdaja

Owing to the ingenuity of Hannish alchemists, you have succeeded in expanding the voidgate in the treasure vault, and prepare to set forth on your mission to find Vrtra's brood-sister Azdaja in the Thirteenth. Beyond the emptiness of the rift awaits a shadowed castle swarming with voidsent, and you steel yourselves for a hostile reception.  


Evil Dreamers

This boss presents a challenge in the form of multiple weak Evil Dreamer enemies. The Evil Dreamers have various abilities, such as Dark Vision where they spawn outside the arena and launch line AoEs before entering the fight. They also use Void Gravity, which targets each player with circle AoEs. Another ability called Unite Mare causes several Evil Dreamers to appear and create circle AoEs that cover the entire arena. To make a safe zone, players must kill at least one of them. The boss's deadliest ability is called Endless Nightmare, where multiple Evil Dreamers fuse into one large Evil Dreamer. This boss slowly casts Endless Nightmare while smaller untargetable Evil Dreamers spawn and cast Unite Mare. Some of these Evil Dreamers can merge with others, resulting in larger AoEs. Allowing Endless Nightmare to finish its cast will result in wiping the party.


Eye of Troia is an attack that inflicts moderate damage to the entire party and creates a gaze attack centered on the boss. This is indicated by a large ring that shrinks and converges on a specific point. The attack is triggered when the ring covers the targeted point, causing a dispellable Doom debuff. The next time Eye of Troia is used, two gaze rings will converge to the north/south or east/west of the arena, followed by two more gaze rings in the previously empty locations. Beatific Scorn is another ability where Beatrice burns lines into the arena with eye beams, which later explode into circle AoEs, dealing heavy damage. The explosions are marked by circular patterns on the floor, and they explode in the order they are casted. The marks also change color from purple to orange shortly before exploding. Hush is a tankbuster ability. Voidshaker is a cone AoE attack from Beatrice's front. Void Nail is an ability that targets players with circle AoEs that deal light damage. Toric Void is a ring AoE around the outside of the area, used simultaneously with Eye of Troia. Antipressure is a stack marker that randomly targets a player.

Blighted Despot: Scarmiglione

During the battle with Scarmiglione, there are several abilities that players need to be aware of. The first is Cursed Echo, which deals moderate damage to the entire party and inflicts Bleeding for 11 seconds. Rotten Rampage is another ability that players need to watch out for, as it consists of four sets of AoEs. The first two sets are ground-targeted circles, followed by player-targeted circles on all party members, and then a third set of ground-targeted circles. These AoEs cause moderate damage, destroy the walls on the edge of the arena, and inflict a stack of Brain Rot for 7 seconds. If a player gets 3 stacks of Brain Rot, it will result in Zombification. Blighted Bedevilment is an ability that causes a knockback from the center of the arena. Players should position themselves between Scarmiglione and a wall to avoid being knocked into the puddle on the outside of the arena, which inflicts Toxicosis. Standing too close to the center will result in instant death. Scarmiglione also uses Blighted Bladework, where he draws his sword, leaps into the air, and tethers to a point on the ground. After a short delay, he drives his sword into the ground, causing a very large circle AoE. This is followed by Blighted Sweep, where Scarmiglione turns to the center of the arena and fires out a wide line, leaving only the area behind him safe. Players should be prepared for a tankbuster called Firedamp. Additionally, Scarmiglione has an ability called Creeping Decay, where he becomes untargetable and begins charging a Scarmiglione's Power meter. He will also summon eight Necroserf adds. These adds will use Nox, which consists of several circle AoEs appearing in one of two formations: a ring along the outer edge of the arena or a cluster in the center of the arena. If it is a ring, it will be followed up with Void Gravity, which is targeted circle AoEs on each player. If it is a cluster, it will be followed up with Void Vortex, which is a stack marker on a random player. Once all of the Necroserfs are defeated or Scarmiglione's Power reaches 100, he will use Corruptor's Pitch. This ability deals seven weak hits in a row, followed by a much stronger eighth hit. If Scarmiglione is allowed to fully charge, this final attack will instantly kill the entire party.