The Dead Ends

The Dead Ends

Level 90, ilvl 540

90, i570

Ultima Thule (X:21.4, Y:21.2)


Here, at the edge of the universe, await as many stories as there are stars in its sea. Of rises and falls, of beginnings and ends...of a little bird who left home with hope, yet nested in sorrow. Hearken unto these tales to be told...  


Caustic Grebuloff

In this encounter, there are several mechanics to be aware of. One of them is called Miasmata, which is a roomwide AoE that also spawns additional AoE circles around the arena. These circles will move across the arena in the direction of the wind, so players must position themselves to avoid them. If a player is hit by the circles, they will receive the Necrosis debuff, which can be cleansed with Esuna or The Warden's Paean. If the debuff is not cleansed and the timer expires, the player will be killed. Another mechanic is called Cough Up, which drops 3 sets of AoEs on each player, spread apart to avoid overlapping. After the AoE circles, players will receive a red arrow above their head and the Craven Companionship debuff. Players must stack together before the debuff timer expires, or else they will be inflicted with Hysteria for several seconds. Wave of Nausea is another mechanic, where there is a telegraphed donut AoE around the boss. Being hit by this AoE will inflict the Necrosis debuff. Pox Flail is a tankbuster mechanic, and Blighted Water is a stack marker. Lastly, there is Befoulment, which is targeted AoE circles that players must spread out to avoid overlap.


In this encounter, the boss has several abilities that players need to be aware of. Firstly, there is "Decimation," which is a raid-wide AoE that also covers the outer part of the arena in fire. Coming into contact with the fire will inflict "Burns," causing damage-over-time. Another ability is "Electromagnetic Repellant," where the boss summons a field that fills its hitbox, debuffing players with "Electrocution" and dealing damage as long as they stand in it. "Order To Fire" involves the boss spawning turrets that shoot line AoEs directly outward, converging at the edge of the boss's hitbox. This leaves narrow cone safe-zones between the line AoEs and the edge of the arena, but players should be careful of overlapping with targeted AoEs. "No Future" spawns targeting circles throughout the arena, and players should stand in areas without circles or ones that spawned later, then move into ones that just exploded. The attack has two patterns, either starting from under the boss and moving outwards or starting from outside the arena and moving inwards. The areas initially safe in the prior cast become targeting circles in the next cast, requiring players to adjust their positioning. "Peacefire" spawns rotating AoEs that players need to rotate with to avoid. This ability is always cast alongside "Electromagnetic Repellant" and can also be combined with "Order To Fire," forcing players to find positions ahead of the rotating AoEs within the narrow cone safe zones. "Eclipsing Exhaust" creates AoE circles with gaps between them around the edges of the arena, followed by a telegraphed knockback from the center. Players should position themselves in the gaps to avoid being knocked back. Lastly, "Elimination" is a tankbuster ability where the boss fires a wide beam that can kill other players who are too close.

The Last Mercy: Ra-la

In this encounter, the boss has a variety of abilities. "Warm Glow" is an AoE attack that affects the entire raid. "Pity" is a tankbuster attack. "Prance" involves the boss jumping four times and dropping golden circular zones that will grow and explode in the order they were spawned. Players should move into one of the last two circles and then move into where the first circle was after it explodes. "Lifesbreath" begins with the boss jumping to the edge of the arena and shooting a line AoE through the middle. Then, a line of butterflies will spawn and fire a line AoE called "Lamellar Light" in the direction they are facing. Players must position themselves behind a butterfly to avoid the attack. Being hit by the butterflies will cause players to receive the debuff "Doom" and they must be healed to full health to recover. The second cast of "Lifesbreath" is accompanied by "Loving Embrace", which makes one half of the arena unsafe to stand on. Melee DPS can swap sides after the butterflies' attack. "Benevolence" is a stack marker. "Loving Embrace" is an attack where the boss raises a glowing wing and cleaves one whole side of the stage. Players should move to the other side to avoid it. Finally, "Still Embrace" is a targeted AoE attack with circles that players should spread out to avoid overlapping.