The Aetherfont

The Aetherfont

Level 90, ilvl 605


Old Sharlayan (X:13.9, Y:16.0)

Going Haam

North of the Sharlayan mainland lies the verdant Isle of Haam, a land long protected by the Forum as an academic asset due to its abundant wells of aether. Yet with plenty often comes peril, and the vicious beasts that live there will not so readily relinquish their claim to the island's lifeblood. Will you secure the energy you need to breach the void—or be returned to the very flows of aether you seek?  



In this encounter, Lyngbakr, the boss, possesses several abilities. "Sonic Bloop" is a tank buster that causes moderate damage. "Upsweep" inflicts moderate damage on the entire party and triggers crystals to cast wide or small AoE attacks based on their size. "Tidal Breath" involves Lyngbakr turning around and unleashing a high-damage AoE attack across the entire arena, affecting those not positioned behind the boss. "Body Slam" involves Lyngbakr moving to the center of the area and unleashing a moderate-damage AoE attack on the entire party, while also spawning crystals of different sizes that will subsequently cast AoE attacks depending on their own size once Upsweep is activated. Lastly, "Floodstide" applies AoE markers on all party members, causing light damage.


In this battle, the enemy has several powerful moves. "Battle Cry" inflicts moderate damage to the entire party and will also shrink the size of the arena after it is cast a second time. "Lightning Leap" causes the enemy to leap away from the tank and release a circular area of effect attack. Additionally, lightning lines will appear on the floor and explode. "Ripper Claw" is a tank buster move that deals moderate damage. "Spinning Claw" releases a circular area of effect attack, followed by lightning lines spreading across the arena. The area of effect from "Spinning Claw" is larger than that of "Lightning Leap". Finally, "Lightning Rampage" involves the enemy jumping four times, each time releasing a circular area of effect attack and emitting lightning lines across the arena.

Slumbering Scourge: Octomammoth

The Octomammoth is a challenging boss accompanied by eight untargetable Tentacles that attack independently. The battle takes place on a uniquely shaped arena consisting of five circular platforms connected by short bridges. The Tentacles have various abilities, including Tidal Roar which inflicts low damage to the entire party. Octostroke is another attack where four platforms are flanked by a pair of Tentacles that cast Clearout, a cone Area of Effect (AoE) that covers an entire platform. The Tentacles will occasionally use Wallop, a line AoE through the center of the platform. Vivid Eyes is a narrow ring AoE that passes through the center of all platforms and connectors, requiring players to either get close to the Octomammoth or stay as far away as possible to avoid it. Saline Spit creates circle AoEs on all five platforms, leaving only the connectors between them as safe spots. Tidal Breath is a wide AoE from the Octomammoth's front, causing it to turn to one side and leaving approximately one and a half platforms on its flank as safe areas. Telekinesis is an ability where the Octomammoth lifts crystal formations on the arena's outer edges using an orange tether. The crystals then aim point-first towards the nearest platform and are thrust into it as a circle AoE that covers the entire platform. Breathstroke combines Octostroke and Tidal Breath into a single attack, but the "safe" platform will have a single Tentacle that further reduces the area to stand safely. Lastly, Water Drop targets all players with circle AoEs, requiring them to spread out and avoid overlapping.