The Aery

The Aery

Level 55, ilvl 110


Foundation (X:7, Y:10)

Into the Aery

Sensing the death of his consort, a wary Nidhogg has surrounded his lair with a wall of tempestuous winds. After calling upon the assistance of Cid and his ingenious engineers, however, you and Estinien are now ready to breach this howling barrier on the wings of their latest airship prototype─the manacutter. Join the Azure Dragoon on this, the greatest of wyrm hunts, and mount a direct assault upon the Aery. Only with the death of Nidhogg can you ensure the preservation of Ishgard...and bring an end to the Dragonsong War.  



Rangda is a boss with lightning-themed abilities and straightforward mechanics. One of its attacks is Electric Cachexis, a long-cast attack that targets everyone outside of Rangda's melee range, similar to Dragon's Voice from Cutter's Cry. When Rangda places the Prey debuff on a player, they should quickly run to one of the tall pillars surrounding the room to transfer it. Additionally, players should focus on killing any adds that spawn during the fight.


In this encounter, the boss has several abilities that players need to be aware of. The first is Proximity Pyre, which is a close-range circle attack centered on the boss. Another ability is Ashen Ouroboros, which is a donut attack that occurs around the edge of the room. Whenever the boss casts Inflammable Fumes, an unsafe ring will appear around the area. Players must avoid stepping into this area. There will also be circles of fume spinning around the boss, which are initially safe to step in. However, the boss will then cast either Ashen Ouroboros or Proximity Pyre, causing the fume circles to explode at the same time as the donut or circle attack. Players need to find a safe place where they are not in the circles of fume and not in the other attack marker. The boss also has a tankbuster ability called Crippling Blow, and a raidwide damage ability called Deafening Bellow, which cannot be avoided. Lastly, the boss has an ability called Body Slam, which knocks all players back from the center of the area. To avoid being knocked back into the unsafe ring, players should stand near the center or use a knockback prevention move like Arm's Length or Surecast.


In patch 6.2 of the game, Estinien is no longer present in the battle as an NPC, so the main focus should be on defeating Nidhogg. Nidhogg has several abilities that players need to be aware of. These include Deafening Bellow, an unavoidable raidwide damage attack. Hot Tail is a line attack that occurs in the direction that Nidhogg is facing. Hot Wing consists of two line attacks on each side of the area under Nidhogg's wings, which are sometimes accompanied by eyeball-shaped circle markers that players need to move out of to avoid taking damage. Cauterize involves Nidhogg leaving the arena and casting a fiery line attack across the platform, and players should move out of the way to avoid damage. Horrid Roar is another ability where Nidhogg leaves a circle marker on each player, and players should spread out to prevent overlapping. The Scarlet Price is a tankbuster move, while The Sable Price traps a random player and begins Sable Weave, which will kill that player if not destroyed in time. At around 50% HP, Nidhogg leaves the arena and summons dragon adds while charging up a Nidhogg's Rancor gauge. If the adds are not defeated before the gauge reaches 100%, Massacre will wipe the party. After the party withstands Massacre, a stack marker called Horrid Blaze will appear. These mechanics continue to repeat until the boss is defeated.