Level 60, ilvl 145

60, i210

The Sea of Clouds (X:40, Y:7)

Reap What You Sow

Sonu Vanu, chief of the Zundu, faces a tempestuous predicament. Already facing an upwind battle to shelter his people from the warlike Vundu, his mask─the traditional symbol of power in Vanu Vanu society─has grown old and worn. Should it crack, and his authority with it, the peaceful tribe would be powerless to stave off the coming storm. Venture into Neverreap─the sacred isle of the Vanu Vanu that has been overrun by the Vundu and the vicious beasts in their thrall─and emerge with the scale of a mighty waukkeon, that the sun might shine on the Zundu once more!  



Players should avoid the AoE attack called "Feather Squall." When the boss uses this ability, it will disappear and create a misty area. Players must run around the edge of the area to locate and defeat "Nunyenunc's Shadow." It is important to eliminate the feathers of Nunyeninc as soon as possible, as they will explode and cause damage while also inflicting the debuff "Vulnerability Up."

Canu Vanu

In the Morrowcloud encounter, a random player will be targeted and inflicted with Bleed, which the healer must cleanse. Additionally, in the Sacred Totem mechanic, players will be marked and drop a totem in their place. Shortly after, the boss will cast Totem Chant, creating a big purple circle in a random location. Any totems that have been dropped need to be carried out of this circle before the cast finishes. To effectively manage this mechanic, players should spread out when marked and keep track of previously spawned totems. If a totem remains inside the circle when the cast is complete, it will transform into a Canu Vanu's Totem, granting the boss immunity. Players should eliminate it promptly. It is important to note that the Totem Chant has no other effects and it is safe to stand within the target circle.


When a random player is marked, they will spawn an add called "Divine Mist", which should be ignored for now. After that, multiple "Divine Gale" adds will appear and the boss will begin rushing around, causing damage to anyone in its path. It is important to defeat the Mists first, followed by the Gales. Once all the adds are defeated, the boss will cast "Turbine", an area of effect attack that affects the entire party and causes a knockback. To avoid being knocked off the platform, everyone should stack next to the boss with the largest area behind them (for example, if the boss is on the west side, they should get knocked back east). Additionally, Tornadoes will spawn and move around, causing damage and knocking anyone who touches them into the air. It is recommended to use Limit Break 2 as soon as possible because of the Tornadoes.