Mt. Gulg

Mt. Gulg

Level 79, ilvl 390

80, i420

Kholusia (X:18, Y:4.6)

Extinguishing the Last Light

Toppled from his seat of power, Vauthry, the final Lightwarden, has fled to Mt. Gulg, whose fiery summit now hangs in the firmament, beyond his enemies' reach. However, with the aid of the myriad peoples of Norvrandt, you succeed in building a gigantic Talos that rises to take the volcano in its grasp. Using the golem's rocky body as a bridge, you begin the arduous ascent to your quarry's newly built paradise, there to put an end to the tyranny of Light.  


Forgiven Cruelty

The boss has several different attacks to watch out for. "Rake" is a tankbuster attack. "Lumen Infinitum" is a frontal line AOE attack with no ground marker, so move away from the boss' face when it starts casting. "Cyclone Wing" is a room-wide AOE attack. "Typhoon Wing" is an attack where you should avoid standing in front of the green orbs around the boss to avoid a triangular AOE attack. As the fight progresses, the boss will also add aether current-looking AOE puddles and more orbs around him, so make sure to dodge both to avoid taking damage.

Forgiven Whimsy

In this encounter, there are several mechanics to be aware of. The first is the Sacrament of Penance, which is a room-wide area of effect attack. Next, there is the Catechism, a tankbuster attack. Judgement Day is another mechanic where two meteor puddles appear, and only one person needs to soak the damage. The boss's face serves as a map of the platform, with the bottom corresponding to the front. It is important to stand on a square without a face during the Exegesis mechanic. At the same time as Exegesis, Shiny Orbs will spawn large area of effect attacks on the ground, so it is crucial to avoid both for no damage.

Consort of Sin: Forgiven Obscenity

In the fight against Forgiven Obscenity, there are several abilities to be aware of. Orison Fortissimo is a room-wide AOE attack. Divine Diminuendo creates a puddle AOE around the boss, followed by two more AOE rings that occur quickly and require quick dodging. Conviction Marcato is an ability where you should avoid the large yellow discs surrounding the boss, as they will cast a line AOE from each disc. Penance Pianissimo tightens the map into a circle. Feather Marionette creates four copies of herself around the room. When all four copies and the boss cast another Divine Diminuendo, one of the copies will have a ring around them, so you should head to this copy and stay close to avoid damage. After this, the position of the copies and the boss will change, and she will cast Conviction Marcato again. During this phase, you should stay out of the line AOEs from the copies and also avoid her golden disc line AOEs. Additionally, there is an ability called Solitaire Ring where you should stand on the path of the last ring to spawn, wait for the others to go off, and then run out of the way of the last one to avoid damage. Lastly, Sacrament Sforzando is a tankbuster ability that should be prepared for.