Matoya's Relict

Matoya's Relict

Level 80, ilvl 470


The Dravanian Hinterlands (X:30.2, Y:18.2)

Like Master, Like Pupil

The Makers' Quarter was once home to some of the finest crafters Eorzea had ever seen, but it has lain in forgotten ruin since the Sharlayan exodus. It is there, hidden amidst overgrown foliage, that the entrance to the former workshop of the Archon Matoya can be found. Seeking to create a familiar that creates familiars, you throw open the doors and step into the "moldy old hole"─the first souls to do so in decades...  



In this fight, the main mechanic involves aiming balls of mud into the corners of the room. When tethered to a ball, position yourself so that the ball passes through you and into a hole in one of the corners. Be cautious of little mud men inside the holes, as aiming towards those holes will not remove your ball and you will continue to take damage. The abilities in this fight include "Hard Rock," which is a tankbuster ability that requires healers to prepare and tanks to use cooldowns. "Petrified Peat" is a targeted AOE attack that should be avoided by spreading out to prevent overlapping hitboxes and leaving mud balls on the battlefield. "Peat Pelt" tethers you to the mud balls on the field, so position yourself for the balls to shoot through you and into a hole without a mud man. "Battle Breccia" is an inverted cone attack that can be avoided by standing directly in front of the Mudman or far enough away to avoid damage. Lastly, "Falling Rock" is an ability with a stacking indicator, so it is important to group up to share the damage.


During the fight, the key mechanic is to pay attention to the sides of the room where the water pipes are located and position yourself where the water won't hit you. Additionally, you should make sure to jump into one of the water sprouts that will shoot you up to the cloud where Nixie is singing during the "Singing in the Rain" phase. If you can successfully do these two things, you'll be in good shape. There are different abilities to be aware of. One of them is called "Smash-Crash," which creates four moving tethers that follow a single target. It's important not to stand on these tethers as they will be followed by a wind attack that inflicts moderate damage. Another ability called "Shower Power" is indicated by a tether pointing in the direction you should look. To avoid the water blast, you need to stand in line with the non-glowing pipe. "Singing in the Rain" is a field-wide attack where Nixie floats away and stands on a cloud she creates. To join her on the platform, you must stand on the water spout closest to the cloud. Players who fail to do so will be hit by a water nova attack and killed. There is also an unnamed AOE target ability, which is a basic targeted group AOE. It is important not to stand too close to other players to avoid excessive damage. Lastly, there are unnamed water spouts that form around the room, similar to during the "Singing in the Rain" phase. You should avoid these to prevent getting stuck in place and being hit by other attacks.

Porcine Porcelain: Mother Porxie

In the fight against Mother Porxie, it is important to be aware of key mechanics. When dodging incoming AOEs, it is crucial to run against the wind to avoid falling into a kill zone. Additionally, when the room-wide "wind arrows" appear with a safe zone in the middle, it is important to stand close to Mother Porxie to avoid being blown back before she unleashes a room-wide AOE that causes massive damage. Some of Mother Porxie's abilities to watch out for include Tender Loin, which is a room-wide AOE that requires healers to be prepared for AOE healing. Huff and Puff is another ability to be cautious of, as it combines a room-wide gust with a devastating AOE. Standing close to Porxie, but not in the safe zone circle, will prevent being blown back into the AOE. Meat Mallet is a targeted impact zone ability that indicates the direction to run away from. It is important to continue running away to avoid being sucked into a death zone and being attacked. Hidden Huff and Puff is similar to Huff and Puff, but lacks visual cues at ground level. Instead, a wind sprite is summoned, exploding when killed and launching the party over the haze in the room to reveal Mother Porxie's location. The wind current indicator at the apex of the launch helps determine her location before the attack finishes charging. Open Flame is a basic targeted AOE ability that should be avoided to prevent excess damage when overlapping with other party members. Lastly, Minced Meat is a tankbuster single target spell that requires the use of cooldowns and healing preparedness.