Malikah's Well

Malikah's Well

Level 77, ilvl 385


Amh Araeng (X:11.7, Y:31.2)

A Fresh Start

Mourning the loss of her beloved, the queen of Nabaath Areng commanded a great well be built in his memory, its waters offering respite from the sweltering heat. In more recent years, the well was transformed into an excavation site by the miners of Amh Araeng. It has long since fallen into disuse, yet the presence of Light emanating from within is unmistakable. What horrors await at the trolley tracks' end in the depths of this massive reservoir?  


Greater Armadillo

During the encounter with the Greater Armadillo, several attacks will occur. One of them is called Falling Rocks, where the Armadillo slams the ground and causes two sets of four circle AoEs to appear randomly in the arena. Another attack is Stone Flail, which is a tankbuster. Head Toss is another move, which places a stack marker on a random player. Right Round is an untelegraphed melee-ranged AoE that deals minor damage and knocks players back. Flail Smash is a proximity marker in the center of the arena, followed by a ring attack along the outside. After each Flail Smash, two additional enemies called Pack Armadillos will spawn.

Amphibious Talos

In this encounter, there are several different mechanics to be aware of. First, there is the tankbuster called "Efface." This is a powerful attack that the tank should be prepared for. Next, there is "Wellbore," which involves a large circle AoE in the center of the arena, followed by four smaller circles appearing. These smaller circles will stay as geysers for a short period of time. Another mechanic is "High Pressure," which inflicts minor damage and a strong knockback on all players. Lastly, there is "Swift Spill," which is a rotating cone attack that originates from the center of the arena. It is important to be aware of and react accordingly to these mechanics to successfully navigate the encounter.

Lightwarden: Storge

During the fight with Lightwarden Storge, there are several abilities that players should be aware of. First, there is the ability called Intestinal Crank, which inflicts moderate damage on all players. Next, there is Heretics Fork, which creates four line AoEs in the cardinal directions centered on Storge. Another ability is Breaking Wheel, which is a room-wide AoE that has the only safe spot inside Storge's hitbox. Crystal Nail is another ability that players should watch out for, as it creates four circle AoEs in the cardinal directions and also spawns untargetable Rhapsodic Nail adds. Lastly, there is the ability called Censure, where the Rhapsodic Nails and Storge will cast the attack last used by Storge in sequence, moving clockwise and finishing with Storge.