Hells' Lid

Hells' Lid

Level 70, ilvl 310


The Ruby Sea (X:26.9, Y:38.4)

An Auspicious Encounter

Having found themselves in somewhat dire financial straits, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are on the lookout for profitable ventures. Fortuitously, one appears to have presented itself: an anonymous missive from an individual seeking the aid of the warrior who laid low the Lord of the Revel. But before they will divulge the details, they would put your abilities to the proof. To wit, you are to venture into the hidden depths of Hells' Lid, a volcanic island once home to a host of oni─at least, according to ancient legend...  



The abilities of Otake include the 100-tonze Swing, which creates a large point blank area of effect around him. He also has the 10-tonze Slash, a cone-shaped area of effect that is directed away from the tank. Another ability is Grrraaarrrgh, where Otake jumps to a player (other than the tank) and follows them, drooling lava. It is important to kite him around the area to avoid his attacks. During this time, he will drop his mace and shield. After some time, he will jump back to his shield and mace, landing with a short range point blank area of effect attack.


The boss has several abilities to watch out for. "Whipping Wittret" is a tankbuster with no castbar. "The wind begins to howl!" is another ability with no castbar, indicated by a message on the screen. The boss will also do a 360° turn before using a large point blank AoE. "The Patient Blade" is a 180 degree AoE attack. "The wind shifts!" is a message to watch for, as it indicates a large line AoE either in front or behind the boss. "Whispers in the Wind" summons 4 Tsumuji-kaze adds and creates moving whirlwinds and clouds in the area. The clouds explode upon touch and knockback. Fiery lines may appear between the whirlwinds, and the boss will charge along those lines, causing moderate damage and applying 1 stack of Vulnerability Up. After this phase, a proximity AoE called "Reaper's Gale" will be dropped at one edge of the area. The boss will then use "The Patient Blade" as the first action. One suggestion is to stack near the edge and have the tank gather the adds in one spot to be AoE'd down, while being mindful of the boss's charge. Afterwards, the group should regroup in the middle and prepare for "The Patient Blade". The adds called Tsumuji-kaze primarily use the ability "Tornado" with low damage.


Genbu has several abilities in this fight. The first is Caduceus, which is a tankbuster attack that is telegraphed by Genbu saying "Water to rend flesh from bone!". Another ability is Hell of Water, which is a cross-shaped AoE centered on Genbu. Hell of Waste is a marker placed on a player that causes an AoE around them and drops a water bomb. Players should stay away from the group to avoid moderate damage. Sinister Tide is an ability where Genbu jumps in the air and upon landing, greenish light appears. Arrows appear on hexagonal platforms along with a blue orb. The orb will explode and send water following the arrows. Players should stand on a platform that is not in the water's path to avoid getting hit, which results in moderate damage and a stack of Vulnerability Up. Hell of Waves is an ability where Genbu becomes invincible and starts charging his Genbu's Focus meter. Players need to destroy the Chelonian Gate around him before the meter fills completely. During this time, platforms will start to glow and damage anyone standing on them, so players should quickly move off the platforms. The ultimate ability is Divine Cataract, which is triggered when Genbu's Focus meter fills or the Chelonian Gate is destroyed. The amount of damage done depends on how full the meter was.