Cutter's Cry

Cutter's Cry

Level 38


Central Thanalan (X:15, Y:14)

Dishonor Before Death

Near an old mountain path once used by Sixth Astral Era woodcutters as a detour through the more perilous stretches of northern Thanalan, lies a cave sought out only by the ignorant or the foolish. Upon first glance, the shade of its maw might appear inviting to one who seeks to escape the punishing rays of the midday sun. However, any good woodcutter knows to keep his distance, for it is said all who enter, never return - the cries of the damned echoing up from the depths the only testament to their folly. Heed this dire warning, and you may live. Ignore it, and soon it shall be your screams that add to the cacophony.  


Myrmidon Princess

The first boss of Cutter's Cry is the Myrmidon Princess. She has several main abilities including Mandible Bite, which is a frontal cone AoE attack that damages all targets within range. She also has a spell called Silence, which can silence one of your party members temporarily. Another ability she has is Trap Jaws, an instant melee attack. Additionally, she can use Haste, a spell that increases the attack speed of her adds. When the Myrmidon Princess reaches around half health, she will summon three types of adds to help her in combat. The most dangerous add type is the Myrmidon Marshal, who has an AoE frontal cone ability called Mandible Bite and can also use Formic Pheromones to heal the princess. The second add type is the Myrmidon Guard, who also has Mandible Bite. The least dangerous add type is the Myrmidon Soldier, who only has a basic attack. It is advised to focus on killing the Myrmidon Marshal first, followed by the Myrmidon Guard, and then the Myrmidon Soldiers.

Giant Tunnel Worm

The Giant Tunnel Worm is a massive boss found in Cutter's Cry. During the battle, the worm will frequently go underground, making it more dangerous. Its primary abilities include Sandstorm, which is a frontal attack that deals minor damage, Sand Cyclone, a spell that targets a random party member causing damage over time, Sand Pillar, which damages players on the sand trap, Earthbreak, where the worm explodes out of the ground causing heavy damage, Bottomless Desert, creating a whirlwind that pulls party members towards the center, and Sludge, a single-target ability that inflicts a powerful damage over time effect. It is crucial for adventurers to spread out when the worm submerges to minimize the likelihood of multiple party members getting hit when it resurfaces. Additionally, after the Bottomless Desert attack, it is important to quickly move away from the center to avoid getting hit.


The final boss of Cutter's Cry, known as the Chimera, requires careful attention to avoid its attacks. The Chimera possesses a Frontal Cone ability called Lion's Breath that deals moderate fire damage. Additionally, it occasionally uses the abilities Ram's Breath, which causes Ice damage and Heavy on its right side, and Dragon's Breath, which causes Thunder damage and Paralysis on its left side. Melee DPS can stand directly behind the Chimera to avoid these cone attacks, but the tank will need to move left or right to avoid their effects. It's important to note that most of the Chimera's attacks will Paralyze their target, which can be cured with Esuna, but adventurers with low hit points should be cautious. At 75% of its health, the Chimera will start using two new attacks called The Dragon's Voice and The Ram's Voice. Players must pay attention to the chat log for specific messages indicating whether they need to move closer to or away from the boss. When the Chimera's eyes glow violet, it is about to use Dragon's Voice, an AoE thundercloud attack that damages and inflicts Paralysis on anyone outside of the boss's melee range. Ranged damage dealers and healers should move closer to the boss immediately. Conversely, when the Chimera's eyes glow blue, it is preparing to use Ram's Voice, an AoE ice attack that damages and inflicts Heavy on anyone within its melee range. Tanks and melee damage dealers should quickly move away from the boss in this situation. The Chimera also randomly targets adventurers with two additional abilities. Cacophony involves the Chimera sending out a purple ball of energy that travels to the target and explodes. The targeted player should move away from the ball to avoid its damaging and Paralyzing effects. If the ball hits a player while in transit, it will immediately explode. On the other hand, Ram's Keeper involves the Chimera spitting an ice orb at a random player, triggering a ground indicator that inflicts Deep Freeze and leaves an icy patch at that location. It is worth noting that Blue Mages have the ability to learn the spells used by the Chimera.