Baelsar's Wall

Baelsar's Wall

Level 60, ilvl 230


East Shroud (X:22.3, Y:31.3)

Griffin, Griffin on the Wall

Marking the border between the Black Shroud and Gyr Abania, the legacy of Gaius van Baelsar is a towering monument to imperial tyranny. And now smoke rises from its iron crenellations. In a bid to drag the armies of Eorzea into the struggle for Ala Mhigan liberation, the Griffin and his Resistance fighters have disguised themselves in Grand Company uniforms and laid siege to Baelsar's Wall. While Alphinaud seeks to call your companions back from their now-meaningless mission of diplomacy, you must ascend the war-torn fortification by the swiftest route possible and persuade the Griffin-by force, if necessary-to abandon his reckless ambition.  


Magitek Predator

The abilities in the Magitek arsenal include the Magitek Claw, which is a targeted attack on the Tank, the Magitek Ray, which is a high-damage linear attack, and the Magitek Missile, which is a targeted explosion on marked players. It is important to move away from others when marked with the Magitek Missile and to prioritize killing the adds when they appear.

Armored Weapon

There are several abilities in this encounter. The Launcher ability is a group-wide AoE attack. The Dynamic Sensory Jammer ability will damage players for any actions they take while the debuff is active, including movement. The Magitek Bit ability summons Bits around the room, creating a checkerboard AoE pattern before disappearing. The Distress Beacon ability summons many low-HP adds, and tank damage is significant due to the quantity of adds. During the fight, it is important to avoid taking any actions or movement while under the effect of Dynamic Sensory Jammer. Additionally, healers should be prepared for the incoming damage from the Distress Beacon adds and be ready to use AoE healing.

The Griffin

During the battle with The Griffin, players will need to be aware of several attacks and mechanics. The boss will use the "Beak of the Griffin," which is a room-wide AoE attack. Another attack called "Flash Powder" will stun players and reduce their accuracy if they do not turn away from the boss. "Sanguine Blade" is an attack where the boss leaps to one side of the room and cleaves the area in front of him, causing high damage. Additionally, multiple swords will rain down around the arena during "Lionshead," damaging nearby players. After the cast, the boss will perform a room-wide AoE attack, and the swords will become targetable. These swords will channel "Corruption," and if they are not killed, they will eventually explode, although players can avoid these explosions. It is important for players to focus on the massive sword in the middle during this phase, as it will cause a high-damage room-wide explosion if it is not destroyed. Another attack called "Big Foot" will mark a player and push them back after the cast. The boss will also use "Restraint Collar," which will place the party's healer in restraints, preventing them from taking any action. To release the healer, players must kill the restraints. Lastly, the boss will perform a high-damage attack on the tank called "Claw of the Griffin." During the fight, it is crucial for players to kill the sword in the middle during "Lionshead," be prepared to avoid the cleave from "Sanguine Blade," and turn around during "Flash Powder." Players must also be ready to break their party members out of restraints caused by "Restraint Collar."