Level 80, ilvl 410

80, i440

The Tempest (X:12.9, Y:38.6)


To the depths of the Tempest, to the ocean floor itself, you have come to rescue the Crystal Exarch from the phantom city of Amaurot. But barring your way is the architect of this aetherial construct─Emet-Selch, the Ascian who would lead the First unto destruction. The Light within you strains at its corporeal confines, threatening to break free at any moment. Time does not favor the Warrior of Darkness. You must brave the final days of Amaurot, and confront Emet-Selch in the very midst of this recreated calamity.  


The First Beast

In this encounter, the boss has several powerful attacks. The first is Venomous Breath, a cone AoE that targets the tank and inflicts Poison. The second attack is Meteor Rain, which targets the two DPS and the Healer with a large black circle AoE. When the markers disappear, a ground-targeted proximity AoE is placed where each player was standing, leaving behind boulders that are important for evading other attacks. The next attack, The Falling Sky, targets the ground below two random players with large circular AoEs and later targets all four players. The boss then moves to the east or west edge of the arena and casts The Final Sky. A meteor falls onto the boss, causing high damage and applying a stack of Suppuration. Standing behind a boulder can block this attack. After The Final Sky, a building begins to collapse onto the arena, leaving only a narrow line on the opposite side from the boss. Being crushed by the collapsed building deals extremely high damage. Lastly, there is an Earthquake attack, which is a point-blank circle AoE around the boss.

Terminus Bellwether

The boss in the encounter has a skill called "Shrill Shriek" which is an area of effect attack that affects the entire room. After using this skill, the boss will leave the area and waves of enemies will start spawning. It is important to quickly defeat these enemies as they appear. Be cautious of mobs that are tethered and prioritize killing them first. Additionally, small area of effect attacks will periodically spawn, so make sure to avoid them. Another skill the boss has is called "Burst." This is a slow-cast attack that causes the boss to grow in size. As the boss grows, it gains stacks of a debuff called "Bloated," which increases the damage it takes and deals. Even if the castbar for Burst is not full, it will still be cast upon the boss's death, causing damage to the entire raid. Therefore, it is crucial to defeat the boss before it accumulates too many stacks of Bloated.

Chthonic Riddle: Therion

In this encounter, caution is advised as there is a risk of falling off the stage. Furthermore, the entire area behind Therion is covered in a fire puddle that inflicts continuous damage. The boss has several devastating attacks to watch out for. "Shadow Wreck" is a room-wide AOE. "Apokalypsis" is a line attack that spans the entire platform, with only small safe areas on the edges. Each cast of Apokalypsis will cause one of these safe areas to collapse, resulting in players standing on it falling off the arena to their deaths. "Therion Charge" is a proximity damage marker that causes the boss to leap forward and reduce the available area. "Deathly Ray (Masks)" involves faces appearing on either side and casting lingering line AoEs across. The masks on one side will fire first, followed by the opposite side, without any warning. Thus, the healer must ensure everyone's HP is high enough to potentially survive the first hit. "Deathly Ray (Therion)" is a lingering line attack directed at a random player, accompanied by ground-targeted AoEs below two other players.