Ala Mhigo (Duty)

Ala Mhigo (Duty)

Level 70, ilvl 280

70, i310

The Lochs (X:33.0, Y:22.8)


Liberty or death! Now begins the battle for the future of a nation. Together with the brave men and women of the Eorzean Alliance and the Resistance, you and your fellow adventurers must enter the city and make for the castle where Zenos yae Galvus resides, and put an end to his reign of terror.  


Magitek Scorpion

The abilities of the Magitek Scorpion include an Electromagnetic Field that causes moderate area-wide damage. Another ability is Target Search, where the Scorpion places a circular marker under each player, which slowly follows them for 6 seconds before detonating and leaving behind a hazardous puddle. It is advised to bait the marker away and drop it in a safe location. The Scorpion also has a Tail Laser ability, which is a line AoE that stretches in front and behind it.

Aulus mal Asina

The fight is divided into three phases: Phase 1, which is the Pre-Out-of-Body phase, Phase 2, which is the Out-of-Body phase, and Phase 3, which is the Post-Out-of-Body phase. Each phase comes with its own set of abilities. In Phase 1, the abilities include Mana Burst, which deals moderate area-wide damage, and Order to Charge, which places three drones in the area. Phase 2 introduces the ability Order to Fire, where large AoE circles are placed in the area, followed by three larger overlapping circles. Safe zones are located inside these circles. Additionally, there is the ability Magitek Disruptor, which stuns and pulls players towards the center of the arena, leading to the ability Mindjack. Mindjack knocks players back and applies the Out of Body status. Players must slowly return to their physical bodies, while Prototype Death Claws and Prototype Bits spawn and try to stun players. After recovering their bodies, players can proceed to attack the Death Claws. Lastly, in Phase 3, the ability Demimagicks is introduced, which places a marker and AoE under each player, using overlapping circles similar to Order to Fire but to a larger extent.

Zenos yae Galvus

The fight with Zenos has three phases: Phase 1 is the Pre-Aether Transfer, Phase 2 is the Aether Transfer, and Phase 3 is the Post-Aether Transfer. In all phases, touching the outer ring of the area will cause damage and apply a stack of Damage Down. Zenos will start charging his ultima at around 15% HP, and there is a meter indicating the time to kill the three adds. The order in which they are destroyed does not matter, but The Swell ability may occasionally push players into the outer ring. The abilities used by Zenos include Art of the Storm, which is a PBAoE centered on him, Art of the Swell, which damages and knocks back players, and Art of the Sword, which is a line AoE targeted at each player. Vein Splitter is another ability that places 4 copies around Zenos and results in large PBAoEs around him and the copies. Zenos will jump to one player and tether to them, then execute Lightless Spark. Lightless Spark is a cone AoE targeted at a chosen player. Concentrativity is an area-wide AoE with high damage. The adds in the fight include Ame-no-Habakiri, which uses Art of the Sword, The Swell, which uses Art of the Swell, and The Storm, which uses Art of the Storm.