Kyne's Aegis

Kyne's Aegis


35 minutes

Haafingar, Western Skyrim

The Fight for Kyne's Aegis

While many Nords attribute the founding of Kyne's Aegis to Fuldimar Hookhand in 1E 244, Dragon Cult ruins tell a far older—and darker—story.  


Yandir the Butcher

Captain Vrol

Lord Falgravn

Gear Sets

Kyne's Wind   Light Armor
Perfected Kyne's Wind   Light Armor
Roaring Opportunist   Light Armor
Perfected Roaring Opportunist   Light Armor
Vrol's Command   Heavy Armor
Perfected Vrol's Command   Heavy Armor
Yandir's Might   Medium Armor
Perfected Yandir's Might   Medium Armor


Sea Giant Style Master   50 points
Kyne's Deliverance   50 points
Kyne's Aegis Completed   10 points
Kyne's Aegis Conqueror   10 points
Kyne's Aegis Sprinter   50 points
Kyne's Aegis Vanquisher   50 points
Stainless Siege-breaker   50 points
Half-Giant Slayer   10 points
Vampire Slayer   10 points
Bile Breaker   10 points
Singular Siegecraft   10 points
Deepest Gratitude   10 points
Lightning Leaper   10 points
Stone-hearted Slayer   10 points
Spare the Servants   10 points
Down with the Ship   15 points
Meatgrinder   15 points
Perfect Storm   50 points