Halls of Fabrication

Halls of Fabrication


40 minutes


Forging the Future

It is said that Sotha Sil's Fabrication Chambers can analyze anything in the Mundus, organic or inorganic, and reproduce it in clockwork form.  


Hunter-Killer Positrox‎ and Hunter-Killer Negatrix

Pinnacle Factotum‎


Reactor‎, Reclaimer‎, and Reducer‎

Assembly General‎‎

Gear Sets

Automated Defense   Heavy Armor
Inventor's Guard   Light Armor
Master Architect   Light Armor
War Machine   Medium Armor


Refabricated Style Master   50 points
Dynamo   50 points
Halls of Fabrication Completed   15 points
Halls of Fabrication Conqueror   50 points
Time Trial: Halls of Fabrication   50 points
Well-Oiled Machine   50 points
Halls of Fabrication Vanquisher   50 points
Environmentally Conscious   15 points
Terminal Terminator   15 points
Accept No Substitute   10 points
Scholar of Seht's Mysteries   10 points
Refabricant Slayer   10 points
Power House   15 points
Planned Obsolescence   15 points
Kill Process   10 points
Arc-Custodian   10 points
Stress Tested   50 points
Like Clockwork   50 points