Asylum Sanctorium

Asylum Sanctorium

Clockwork City DLC

15 minutes

Clockwork City

Saints' Mercy

" [sic]Sotha Sil is rumored to have been the one to reverse engineer the Soul Gems in order to create Black Soul Gems. When he began this process, he used three Dunmer Saints for experiments to see if he could grant everlasting life. Three mechanical creations were made to house the souls of these saints.  


Saint Llothis the Pious

Saint Felms the Bold

Saint Olms the Just

Gear Sets

Chaotic Whirlwind   Weapon
Perfected Chaotic Whirlwind   Weapon
Concentrated Force   Weapon
Perfected Concentrated Force   Weapon
Defensive Position   Weapon
Perfected Defensive Position   Weapon
Disciplined Slash   Weapon
Perfected Disciplined Slash   Weapon
Piercing Spray   Weapon
Perfected Piercing Spray   Weapon
Timeless Blessing   Weapon
Perfected Timeless Blessing   Weapon


Asylum Sanctorium Redeemer   50 points
Asylum Sanctorium Conqueror   50 points
Asylum Sanctorium Vanquisher   50 points
Righteous Condemnation   10 points
Perfect Purification   10 points
Asylum Sanctorium Completed   15 points
Asylum Sanctorium Contender   50 points
Sanctified   50 points
Swift Mercy   50 points
Beatific Beatdown   50 points
Imperfect Attendance   15 points
Placid Projections   15 points