White-Gold Tower

White-Gold Tower

Imperial City

Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

Imperial City

Planemeld Obverse

Built by the Ayleids as a focus of mystic power at the heart of Tamriel, the White-Gold Tower has long been a symbol of the Empires of Cyrodiil that followed. Now it is in danger of being absorbed into Coldharbour—and could draw Tamriel in after it!  


Cordius Pontifio

To defeat Cordius Pontifio, start by interrupting Otho's healing. When Cordius targets a player with Ambush, that player should be cautious of the subsequent Steel Tornado and either block or roll to avoid it. It is recommended to kill Otho first, followed by Cordius and then Micella. The tank should keep Cordius and Micella separated from Otho so that the DPS can eliminate Otho without interruptions. DPS should focus on Otho, using bashing heals as needed, and have a moderate ranged damage option due to the bosses' AoEs. The healer should prioritize warding or emergency healing the target of Ambush to prevent them from being taken out by the ensuing Steel Tornado.

Micella Carlinus

To defeat Micella Carlinus, a few strategies can be employed. Firstly, it is important to be aware of her Dragonknight skills, which may include powerful attacks and defensive abilities. During the fight, players should be prepared for her Standard of Might ability, which can deal substantial damage and should be avoided or mitigated. Additionally, Micella may target random players with Extended Chains, so staying spread out and having quick reflexes to break free are crucial. Engulfing Flames is another ability to watch out for, as it can cause ongoing damage to anyone caught within its area of effect. Finally, the boss may activate Caustic Armor, which could increase her resilience and make her harder to defeat. By understanding these mechanics and coordinating effective teamwork, players can overcome the challenges presented by Micella Carlinus.

Molag Kena

Otho Numida

To defeat Otho Numida, focus on interrupting his caster skills to prevent him from dealing heavy damage. Make sure to position the player with the most aggro away from the rest of the group to avoid them being targeted by his Teleport ability. Additionally, be prepared to quickly dodge or mitigate the effects of his Standard of Might attack. Lastly, prioritize healing and sustaining the group's health to counter his healing abilities.

The Adjudicator

To defeat The Adjudicator, the tank should keep the boss faced away from the group to avoid the frontal cone attack that can kill people lockpicking a cell. DPS players should prevent the zombies from overwhelming the party and free the healer if they are jailed. They should also avoid getting hit by the boss' frontal cone attack by blocking when she is charging up and facing them. The healer should use ground effect heals to help those in cells with fire damage and utilize regeneration to mitigate fire damage while someone lockpicks if the cell is on fire. Additionally, bringing a charge-type ability can allow players to charge out of the cells instead of picking the locks, and having some form of self-healing is recommended since the healer may be occupied with a jail cell.

The Planar Inhibitor

To defeat The Planar Inhibitor, alternate the usage of the pinion between 2 or more party members to avoid the stacking debuff. When the boss has the blue fire aura, run away from her as it deals heavy damage and snares. During the red fire phase, you do not need to run away from her. If the colors on your screen become washed out, it means you are the person capable of damaging portals, so prioritize killing/closing them. If the boss is focusing on you, lead her around the outside edge of the room and keep the pinion area clear for immediate usage. Everyone should have a ranged attack to deal with portals quickly. Tanks should consider swapping to a more damage-oriented setup if possible. DPS should burn any adds from portals and engage the boss in melee during her red phase. Healers should bring a damaging ability to the fight as they may be selected to kill portals.

Gear Sets

Spell Power Cure   Light Armor
Essence Thief   Medium Armor
Brands of Imperium   Heavy Armor
Molag Kena   Monster Helm Sets


White-Gold Tower Vanquisher   10 points
Imperial Transgressions   5 points
White-Gold Tower Conqueror   15 points
Daedroth Dropper   10 points
Entry Denied   10 points
First to the Top   50 points
Horn Breaker   10 points
To Spite a Tharn   50 points
Ire of the Storm   50 points
Out of the Frying Pan   15 points