Wayrest Sewers I

Wayrest Sewers I

Base Game

Minimum Level 16

15 minutes

Menevia, Stormhaven

Deception in the Dark

Wayrest is justifiably proud of the commodious modern sewers that drain the city's wastes into the Iliac Bay. But the curving conduits beneath the streets contain dark secrets unsuspected by those who walk in the light of day above.  


Allene Pellingare

To defeat Allene Pellingare, the tank should focus on blocking her heavy melee attack. Throughout the fight, be prepared for her Teleport Strike, which deals high damage and briefly immobilizes the target. At certain intervals, Allene will vanish and summon Fiendish Hallucinations - large bats with 562 Health. These bats can be rooted using Dark Talons, so a dragonknight can effectively destroy them. As the fight progresses, the number of bats summoned will increase. Once the last group of bats has been summoned, Allene will be at around 25% Health and take on a ghost form, dealing more damage in the final phase.

Investigator Garron

To defeat Investigator Garron, you need to keep track of his teleportation and avoid getting caught by the green orb he summons. This orb will chase random players and deal damage, so if it's after you, run away without dragging it into your group. Additionally, focus on quickly taking down the two Restless Soul ghosts that Garron periodically summons, as they have ranged attacks. Be cautious of Garron's highly damaging ranged knockback, especially if you are far away from him.


To defeat Slimecraw, you need to be aware of its frontal cone tailswipe that deals high physical damage and knockback. It is crucial to avoid being hit by quickly moving out of the cone area. Remember to react promptly to the attack and stay focused to successfully defeat Slimecraw.

The Rat Whisperer

To defeat The Rat Whisperer, the tank should carefully avoid the red circle indicating the magic AOE damage spell, while the rest of the team focuses on quickly defeating the low Health skeevers summoned by the boss. Additionally, the tank should be prepared for the occasional cold damage root spell and have a plan to break free from it.

Uulgarg the Hungry

To defeat Uulgarg the Hungry, it is crucial to deal with his AOE fear ability and the heavy melee attack that follows. The tank must have enough Stamina to break out of the fear and block the attack to avoid being killed. Additionally, it is important to avoid getting hit by Uulgarg's whirlwind attack, as it deals physical damage.

Varaine Pellingare

To defeat Varaine Pellingare, the tank must focus on blocking his heavy melee attack. Additionally, the group should be wary of his periodically cast AOE spell, which deals high damage and briefly stuns anyone within its range. It is crucial to avoid his frontal cone attack, as it can knock you down and deal moderate physical damage.

Gear Sets

Combat Physician   Light Armor
Toothrow   Medium Armor
Sergeant's Mail   Heavy Armor
Slimecraw   Monster Helm Sets


Wayrest Sewers I Vanquisher   10 points
Wayrest Sewers I Conqueror   10 points
Down the Gutter   50 points
Veteran Mercenary Slayer   10 points
Veteran Skeever Slayer   10 points
Wayrest Sewers I Survivor   50 points
Wayrest Sewers I Assassin   50 points