Base Game

Minimum Level 28

20 minutes

Tigonus, Alik'r Desert

Blood and Sand

The ancient Dwarven city of Volenfell was long lost to the sands of the Alik'r Desert. But its ruins have recently been discovered, prompting a race between scholars and treasure-hunters to be the first to search its storied depths.  



To defeat Boilbite, focus on taking out the three adds first before dedicating your attention to the boss. Dealing with the adds early on will make the fight with Boilbite much easier. Additionally, be cautious of the massive AoE explosion that causes significant damage to party members near Boilbite. Ranged DPS classes are safe from this attack, but tanks and melee DPS classes should be vigilant to avoid it, as it can strain the healer's ability to keep everyone alive.

Desert Lion

To defeat Desert Lion, focus on utilizing attacks that deal high damage and have a wide range. Keep in mind that you need to wear down its health of 1,737K. Additionally, consider using tactics such as debuffing its defenses or exploiting any weaknesses it may have. Good luck!

Guardian Constructs

To defeat the Guardian Constructs in this miniboss level, you need to follow a specific order of attack. First, focus on defeating The Guardian's Soul, as it heals all three bosses. Once Soul is down, shift your attention to The Guardian's Spark, who shoots magic into the air but doesn't move much. Keep your healers focused on keeping the party alive during Spark's AoE attacks. Lastly, deal with The Guardian's Strength by kiting it away from the rest of the party while Soul and Spark are being taken care of. Kite Strength during its AoE attack and fight it normally at other times. Another tactic is to have the tank take Soul and kite Strength around the room, while the DDs focus on attacking Spark. Soul will split the damage from Spark between all bosses, eventually leading to their defeat. Just be cautious of dodging Spark's falling bombs.

Monstrous Gargoyle

To defeat the Monstrous Gargoyle, focus on dealing high damage and utilizing strategies that can efficiently bring down its health. Consider using characters or abilities that have strong elemental attacks or bypass its defenses. Enhance your team's survivability by equipping them with protective gear and healing abilities. Exploit any weaknesses the Gargoyle may have, such as vulnerabilities to certain status effects or elemental damage types. Coordinate your team's attacks effectively, using buffs and debuffs to maximize damage output and minimize the Gargoyle's ability to retaliate. Utilize crowd control abilities to temporarily disable the Gargoyle and seize opportunities for massive damage. Keep a vigilant eye on your team's health and ensure they are adequately healed throughout the battle. Employ a flexible and adaptive strategy, adjusting your approach based on the Gargoyle's moves and behavior. By leveraging these tactics, you can overcome the Monstrous Gargoyle and emerge victorious.

Quintus Verres

To defeat Quintus Verres, you need to handle each of his three phases strategically. In the first phase, watch out for his AoE attack and ensure that ranged DPS is out of range while melee DPS avoids it as much as possible. A well-geared tank can handle the attack, but healers should quickly restore their health. In the second phase, when Verres is at around 50% health, be cautious of his fire-based magic that targets random party members and the flame circles he creates. As long as party members avoid the circles and the healer keeps up with the damage, this phase shouldn't be too difficult. Finally, in the third phase, Verres summons a Monstrous Gargoyle. Dodge its forward-facing AoE attack, use stamina to roll if necessary, and be aware of the large radius AoE attack around the boss. The healer should prioritize keeping all party members near full health, especially during this final phase.


In order to defeat Tremorscale, players must be cautious of two dangerous attacks. The first attack is a tail attack that is signaled by a roar and a turn to the side. Players in close proximity should be prepared to dodge this attack, while ranged DPS can avoid it. The second attack is when Tremorscale burrows underground. Players should spread out and conserve stamina to be able to roll away from the attack. It is crucial to avoid the heavy damage inflicted by this attack by staying spread out. If the entire party is hit, recovery will be extremely challenging.

Unstable Construct

To defeat the Unstable Construct miniboss, you will need to use an unknown strategy as it is not mentioned in the given text.

Gear Sets

Treasure Hunter   Light Armor
Crusader   Medium Armor
Duneripper's Scales   Heavy Armor
Tremorscale   Monster Helm Sets


Volenfell Vanquisher   10 points
Volenfell Conqueror   15 points
They Were Just Rusty   50 points
Veteran Dwarven Construct Slayer   10 points
Veteran Treasure Hunter Slayer   10 points
Volenfell Survivor   50 points
Volenfell Assassin   50 points