Vaults of Madness

Vaults of Madness

Base Game

Minimum Level 36

20 minutes

Fist of Stone, Coldharbour

Mind of Madness

The Vaults of Madness are the masterpiece of the infamous Mad Architect, who is said to be one of the few entities ever to serve multiple Daedric Princes and profit from it. How he is paid for his "services" is a matter of wild and horrible conjecture.  


Ancient One

To defeat the Ancient One, utilize a healer to keep the party's health as full as possible, preventing deaths from the spin attack, while also being prepared for standard Watcher attacks and a high damage AoE triggered at low health.


To defeat Archaeraizur, the tank should ensure that the boss is facing away from the party and avoid the conal fire breath by sidestepping or blocking. DPS players should focus on killing the Dremora adds first and then focus on the boss itself. Additionally, everyone should be wary of patches of blue fires on the ground and avoid stepping on them.

Cursed One

To defeat the Cursed One, engage in a straightforward fight, but be cautious of the Drain Life ability. When the Cursed One channels Drain Life, all damage dealt by the party is reflected onto the Drain Life target, potentially causing instant death. To avoid this, the entire group should cease attacking during Drain Life. If you are the healer, it will be challenging to keep the target alive if the party does not stop attacking during Drain Life.

Death's Head

To defeat Death's Head, have a tank keep the boss facing a wall or columns to shorten his charge, while DPS focuses on killing the exploding skeletons; additionally, be cautious of the poison runes on the ground and avoid standing on them to minimize damage over time.


To defeat Grothdarr, you should avoid the randomly moving lava on the platform and be cautious of the overhead attack that can knockdown the Tank. As a general strategy, make sure to stay away from the lava at all times. If you are the Tank, remember to block charge-up attacks to minimize damage.

Iskra the Omen

To defeat Iskra the Omen, it is important to be aware of his boss mechanics. He will perform a leap attack on a random party member and target a random party member with a wall of flame. As a general strategy, if Iskra stops to look at you, this indicates that he is about to throw a wall of fire in your direction, so make sure to quickly sidestep it to avoid taking damage.

Mad Architect

To defeat Mad Architect, activate the optional hard/Undaunted mode by reading the Scroll of Glorious Battle near the boss, increasing the boss' health and damage output. When the sconces lining the walls behind the boss light up, he is about to perform one of his two lethal attacks, so either run onto his platform into the protective shield or away from his platform depending on the attack. As the tank, keep the boss taunted to soak up the Grinning Bolt attacks. As DPS, stay at the edge of melee range and roll backwards and off the dais to avoid the lethal spirit attack. Let the adds pile up before using AoE skills to take them out.

Ulguna Soul-Reaver

To defeat Ulguna Soul-Reaver, the tank should make sure to face the boss away from the party to minimize the damage from the frontal cone fire wave. The DPS should focus on destroying the 4 healing orbs first and then concentrate on attacking the boss.

Gear Sets

The Worm's Raiment   Light Armor
Oblivion's Edge   Medium Armor
Rattlecage   Heavy Armor
Grothdarr   Monster Helm Sets


Vaults of Madness Vanquisher   10 points
Vaults of Madness Conqueror   15 points
New Mayor of Crazy Town   50 points
Veteran Dremora Slayer   10 points
Veteran Feral Shriven Slayer   10 points
Vaults of Madness Survivor   50 points
Vaults of Madness Assassin   50 points