Unhallowed Grave

Unhallowed Grave


Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

Fallen Wastes, Bangkorai

Unhallowed Grave

Long ago, the soldiers of the Bangkorai Garrison buried something away in this accursed cavern—an evil too great to leave unguarded. Now, centuries later, even the most daring Redguard explorers know to give this grave a wide berth.  


Gear Sets

Draugrkin's Grip   Light Armor
Aegis Caller   Medium Armor
Grave Guardian   Heavy Armor
Kjalnar's Nightmare   Monster Helm Sets


Harrowstorm Explorer   5 points
Pyre Watch Style Master   50 points
Unhallowed Grave Challenger   50 points
Unhallowed Grave Conqueror   10 points
Skull Smasher   50 points
Unscathed Grave   50 points
Grave Robber   50 points
Harrowstorm Scout   10 points
Unhallowed Grave Vanquisher   10 points
Knock Knock   50 points
Ceramic Panic   10 points
Shattered Shields   10 points
Last-Second Sundering   10 points
Skeletal Shutout   10 points
Harrowstorm Delver   50 points
In Defiance of Death   50 points
Draugrkin Slayer   10 points
Bone Colossus Slayer   10 points
Relentless Dogcatcher   10 points
Mender Wrender   10 points
Unchecked Empowerment   10 points