Stone Garden

Stone Garden


Minimum Level 45

25 minutes

Greymoor Cavern, Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns

Method and Madness

"Dwarven pipes can transport more than just steam. Water, oil, air, even molten rock in some cases. That's the beauty of Dwemer designs. Their versatility means they can be repurposed for any use. It doesn't take a genius to see that, but it helps." —Raynor Vanos  


Gear Sets

Elemental Catalyst‎   Light Armor
Kraglen's Howl   Medium Armor
Arkasis's Genius   Heavy Armor
Stone Husk   Monster Helm Sets


Stonethorn Explorer   5 points
Hazardous Alchemy Style Master   50 points
Stone Garden Challenger   50 points
Stone Garden Conqueror   10 points
Triple Checked   50 points
Safety First!   50 points
Expeditious Experimenter   50 points
Stonethorn Scout   10 points
Stone Garden Vanquisher   10 points
Big Bad Wolf   10 points
Dig Deep   10 points
Methodical Mixologist   10 points
True Genius   50 points
Restrained the Hounds   50 points
Still Needs Work   50 points
Stone Husk Slayer   10 points
Sycophant Slayer   10 points
Spore Stomper   10 points
Old Fashioned   50 points
Fulgurite Forger   10 points
Maximum Tantrum   10 points