Spindleclutch I

Spindleclutch I

Base Game

Minimum Level 10

20 minutes

Cambray Hills, Glenumbra

Deadly Whispers

The Ayleid ruins of Dwynnarth that grin down from the bluffs above Hag Fen were plundered and emptied out generations ago. But it seems there are forgotten mine tunnels beneath the lowest levels of Dwynnarth that might not be quite so empty.  


Big Rabbu

To defeat Big Rabbu, the tank should focus on pulling Rabbu and the other mobs using the same strategy used for Cerise and other trash mob pulls. It is important for the tank to block Rabbu's charge attack to prevent it from hitting anyone else. DPS should also prioritize taking down the mobs, following the same strategy as the previous pulls. Healers should be prepared for the tank to take heavy damage and provide significant healing to anyone who gets in the way of Rabbu's charge.

Cerise the Widow-Maker

To defeat Cerise the Widow-Maker, the tank should focus on holding the boss's attention while following the same strategy used for the trash mob pulls. The DPS should focus on taking down the trash mobs first, following the burn order used previously, and then finish off Cerise. The healer should be prepared for heavy damage on the tank due to Cerise's powerful attacks and the other mobs.


To defeat Spindlekin, stack up around the boss to maximize area healing and damage output when dealing with the summoned spider minions. The tank should focus on the boss and only tank the adds when the healer is in danger. The tank should also interrupt the boss's self-heal by bashing it when it devours dead spider minions. DPS should focus on burning down the boss, while the healer should run to the tank if the adds become problematic.

The Swarm Mother

To defeat The Swarm Mother, stack around the boss to maximize area healing and damage output, while minimizing time lost when the boss leaps to a random target. The tank should focus on keeping the boss occupied and only tank adds if the healer is in danger or there are extra resources. It's important for the tank to block the boss's heavy attack to avoid high damage and knock-back. DPS should focus on the adds whenever they are spawned to reduce stress on the healer. The healer should be prepared for the tank's health to spike if a heavy attack is not blocked and for random members of the group to be charged for heavy physical damage. Additionally, when dealing with trash mobs, an effective strategy is necessary. Ideally, the group should focus DPS on Healers, Caster DPS, and then Melee. The tank should pick up the melee mobs and bash the caster DPS. However, if this strategy is too challenging, the group can follow the DPS order of Caster DPS, Healers, and then Melee, with the tank focusing on the melee mobs and keeping them away from the group.

The Whisperer

To defeat The Whisperer, activate the scroll nearby to increase the boss' health and damage output. Be aware that on Veteran difficulty, the boss has a hardmode where certain attacks become lethal and must be dodged instead of blocked. The boss randomly incapacitates a group member with madness and deals damage, which is indicated by spectral spiderlings descending from the ceiling. Dodge the poison projectile that is randomly fired at a group member. The boss also has a melee range knock back attack. When the boss pulls all players to her with webs, quickly move out of the damage area indicated by a growing red circle. The key to success in this fight is avoiding damage and healing through it. Tanks should keep aggro on themselves and resurrect fallen party members when possible. DPS should avoid the lethal attacks if they are aimed at them. Healers should expect moderate to high damage on the tank and be prepared to heal accordingly.

Gear Sets

Prayer Shawl   Light Armor
Spelunker   Medium Armor
Knightmare   Heavy Armor
Swarm Mother   Monster Helm Sets


Spindleclutch I Vanquisher   10 points
Spindleclutch I Conqueror   10 points
Quiet at Last   50 points
Veteran Corrupted Slayer   10 points
Veteran Spider Slayer   10 points
Spindleclutch I Survivor   50 points
Spindleclutch I Assassin   50 points