Scalecaller Peak

Scalecaller Peak

Dragon Bones

Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

Gavaudon, Stormhaven

Plans of Pestilence

Abandoned by its Dragon Lord long ago, the temple of Zaan the Scalecaller remained empty for centuries, cold and discarded. Now a new cult has taken over the mountain, and their repugnant schemes threaten all of Tamriel.  


Doylemish Ironheart

Matriarch Aldis

To defeat Matriarch Aldis, the tank should lure the boss to the edge of the area while the DPS focuses on damaging the boss and assisting in tank regeneration. The healer should prioritize maximum heals on the tank and provide as much regeneration as possible. It is crucial to stay out of the deadly water and prioritize killing the Nereids that summon deadly geysers. By following these strategies, the party can defeat Matriarch Aldis successfully.

Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid

To defeat Orzun the Foul-Smelling and Rinaerus the Rancid, start by separating the two bosses. The kite should focus on engaging Orzun and kiting him around the area while the DPS focuses on bringing down his health. Once Orzun's health is low, switch to Rinaerus and aim to kill both bosses at almost the same time. The kill order should be Rinaerus first, then Orzun, and they must be close together. During the fight, be aware of the mechanics. When Orzun sends an attack towards a player, purposely freeze yourself by running into the yellow circles created by Rinaerus. Let the iceball hit you to break you out of the freeze. Remember that each circle can only be used once. Rinaerus will cast a deadly storm that can only be avoided by using the ice pillars created by Orzun. Hide behind the pillars to stay safe, and multiple players can use the same pillar. Tanks should stay towards the outer circle of the arena to avoid Orzun, while DPS and healers should interrupt Rinaerus when she summons Skeevers using a bash or an interrupt skill like Crushing Shock. Make sure not to defeat Rinaerus until you're ready to defeat both bosses.

Plague Concocter Mortieu

To defeat Plague Concocter Mortieu, the party must kill specific enemies in the order of the callout to generate the antidote and cleanse themselves from the poison debuffs. The first debuff increases Stamina costs, the second decreases Healing Received, and the third increases Magicka costs. Listen to Jorvuld for guidance on which enemies to kill, usually starting with Imps, then Stranglers, then Beetles. Once all necessary adds are killed and the antidote is obtained, the party should run to the middle of the arena for a cleanse. The boss will be weakened at this point, and a guard may also appear. Use ultimates when both the guard and the boss are present. Tanks should stand on geysers to prevent poison overwhelming the healer, and use a ranged taunt to keep the boss on them. DPS should focus on killing adds, charging ultimates, and dropping them on the guard and boss. Regeneration and self-healing are important. Healers should provide heals to the tank and the team, ideally with aoe heals, and have both a healing and dps ultimate to assist with damage if possible.

Zaan the Scalecaller

To defeat Zaan the Scalecaller, start by positioning the tank near the middle of the arena and choose a cone area to tank her. The tank's main responsibility is to keep her on them and protect allies from the fire beam. DPS should focus on the boss, saving ultimates for crucial moments. When the boss summons two Ice Giants, it's crucial to quickly communicate with the other DPS to distribute damage and eliminate them. Pick a sector to stand on to avoid the poison breath from the statues. Healing in this fight can be challenging, so healers should prioritize healing the tank and defending whoever is targeted by the fire beam. Utilizing healing ultimates from the resto staff for sustained healing can be beneficial, and fast revives can be a game-changer in this battle. Party positioning, callouts, and effectively managing the Ice Giants are essential for success.

Gear Sets

Jorvuld's Guidance   Light Armor
Plague Slinger   Medium Armor
Curse of Doylemish   Heavy Armor
Zaan   Monster Helm Sets


Dragon Bones Explorer   5 points
Scalecaller Style Master   50 points
Scalecaller Peak Challenger   50 points
Scalecaller Peak Conqueror   5 points
On Top   50 points
Peak Performance   50 points
Breaker of Spells   50 points
Scalecaller Peak Vanquisher   5 points
Scalecaller Savior   10 points
Stand Your Ground   10 points
Dragon Bones Delver   50 points
Mountain God   50 points
Veteran Cultist Slayer   10 points
Veteran Ogre Slayer   10 points
Pustulent Problems   10 points
Stony Situation   10 points
Daedric Deflector   10 points
Doctor's Orders   10 points
Tremor Trouble   10 points
Watch Your Step   10 points