Moon Hunter Keep

Moon Hunter Keep


Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

Northern Woods, Reaper's March

Moonlight Ascent

Moon Hunter Keep! A name spoken by the Silver Dawn werewolf hunters of Reaper's March only in whispers—that is, when there still were Silver Dawn werewolf hunters in Reaper's March.  


Archivist Ernarde

To defeat Archivist Ernarde, position the tank in front of the boss at a medium range, ensuring to stay out of the boss's passive AOE. Taunt and turn any transformed Werewolf Behemoth away from other players. The tank should also prevent bringing adds near the boss to avoid enraging them. Healers should stay close to the entrance and use healing spells from a distance. DPS should position themselves halfway up the stairs on either side of the room and focus on killing adds as they spawn, prioritizing the non-transformed add first. Do not damage the boss while adds are alive. During the Color Symbol Mechanic, players must find their own pad with the same color symbol the boss landed on. Tank and healer should focus on symbols near the entrance, while DPS should spread out to find colors in other areas of the room. Additionally, players should burst down any bubbles that spawn on random players as a top priority.

Hedge Maze Guardian

To defeat the Hedge Maze Guardian, players must dodge roll out of the boss's roots to avoid taking significant damage. The tank should distract the boss from attacking the healer and DPS, keeping the boss in the center courtyard and away from Stranglers, while also blocking all heavy attacks. DPS should stay together and not spread out when hunting down Spriggans in the maze. The healer should stay with the tank. Additionally, Spriggans will activate at certain health percentages to heal the boss, so players should be prepared for that mechanic.

Jailer Melitus

To defeat Jailer Melitus, at CP 160, you should keep moving to avoid the dangerous AOEs and focus on cleaving down or eliminating the werewolf adds. When the boss stuns a player, interrupt his heavy attack immediately. The positioning for this fight is not specified. The mechanics of the boss and the roles of tank, DPS, and healer are also not provided.

Mylenne Moon-Caller

To defeat Mylenne Moon-Caller, players should spread apart to avoid being stunned when the boss pounces on a random player. Another player needs to interrupt the boss quickly to save the stunned player from being killed. All players should constantly keep an eye on the boss to be prepared for its pounce. The tank should stay close to the boss and bring it through the AOE spawned by dead Shock Wardens to remove its enraged buff. DPS should focus on killing the Shock Wardens, as each alive Warden adds an Enrage stack to the boss, reducing its damage taken. Healers should stay with the tank.

Vykosa the Ascendant

Gear Sets

Moon Hunter   Light Armor
Savage Werewolf   Medium Armor
Jailer's Tenacity   Heavy Armor
Vykosa   Monster Helm Sets


Wolfhunter Explorer   5 points
Silver Dawn Style Master   50 points
Moon Hunter Keep Challenger   50 points
Moon Hunter Keep Conqueror   10 points
The Alpha Predator   50 points
Running with the Pack   50 points
Head of the Pack   50 points
Moon Hunter Keep Vanquisher   10 points
A Hulking Ally   10 points
Book Smarts   5 points
Bloody Mess   5 points
Wolfhunter Delver   50 points
Pure Lunacy   50 points
Unending Rage   10 points
On a Short Leash   5 points
Strangling Cowardice   5 points
Veteran Dire Wolf Slayer   10 points
Veteran Hulking Werewolf Slayer   10 points
Sidestepping Stranglers   5 points
Root of the Problem   5 points