March of Sacrifices

March of Sacrifices


Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

The Hunting Grounds, Greenshade

The Great Hunt

For an Oblivion realm, Lord Hircine's plane of The Hunting Grounds, a vast wilderness of forest, meadow, and mountain, is almost familiar to those Tamrielic mortals who find their way there. Almost familiar, but not quite.  


Aghaedh of the Solstice

To defeat Aghaedh of the Solstice, each player must pick up a specific color dropped by the mini Spriggans when they die. When the boss starts channeling an ability, players need to stand in the circle matching the color they picked up. The tank should taunt the boss and all Lurchers, ensuring they are cleaved down and synergies are picked up. DPS should focus on cleaving down the Lurchers and then focus on the boss, prioritizing the Lurchers if DPS is low. The healer should provide additional healing when the group splits to different AOEs.


To defeat Balorgh, a CP 160 boss, the key strategy is to avoid its elemental attacks, such as poisonous spores and lightning. When the boss reaches low HP, the arena will be covered in darkness and fog. The boss will target one player with an AOE attack and chase them. The goal is to pull the boss through the blue pillar of light, which requires all group members to reach the pillar as well. This will break the boss out of darkness, allowing the tank to regain control. During the darkness phase, wolves will spawn, so DPS should focus on killing them. The longer the dark phase lasts, the more wolves will appear. Tanks should taunt the boss whenever possible, while healers must prioritize healing to ensure survival. Dodge the boss's ground slam AOE and be cautious of its breath attack, which follows the target, typically the tank if taunted.

Dagrund the Bulky

To defeat Dagrund the Bulky, focus on avoiding his elemental attacks and blocking or dodging his channeling AOEs when he leaps into the air. As a tank, prioritize attacking the boss rather than the adds, as they cannot be chained. DPS should focus on attacking the adds until the boss's HP drops to 15% and then maintain a safe distance to dodge his leaps. Healers should stay in the center to heal the whole group.


To defeat Tarcyr, start by immediately entering sneak and spreading out to the four cardinal directions of the room when the Hunt begins. Stay in stealth to avoid being teleported into the air and falling to your death. During each Hunting Phase, keep an eye on your stamina and use Vampire for the stealth movement buff. When the friendly wisp appears, go to the green AOE around it and synergize it three times in each phase. Avoid standing in front of Tarcyr to avoid her frontal cone cleave attack. Be prepared to block or dodge her stampede attack to avoid being knocked out. Stay out of the firewall she leaves behind during her Fire Rampage. Quickly interrupt her Lightning Prance ability to prevent it from wiping the group. Tanks should turn the boss whenever possible and be cautious of the lightning prance. DPS should focus on killing adds when they spawn. Healers should avoid healing during the Hunting Phase and instead refresh long-lasting heal over time abilities right before it begins.

The Wyrd Sisters

To defeat The Wyrd Sisters, it is important to keep them apart to prevent them from buffing each other. The recommended kill order is to focus on the Healer first, followed by splitting DPS between Ursus and Strigidae. The Tank should taunt Ursus and keep her separated from her sisters. The Healer should stay near the center to heal everyone, and players should avoid the Silence debuff from Strigidae as it blocks Magicka-based abilities, ultimates, and synergies. Additionally, the Tank should block Ursus' heavy attack, and players should block if they see her charging.

Gear Sets

Hanu's Compassion   Light Armor
Blood Moon   Medium Armor
Haven of Ursus   Heavy Armor
Balorgh   Monster Helm Sets


Wolfhunter Explorer   5 points
Huntsman Style Master   50 points
March of Sacrifices Challenger   50 points
March of Sacrifices Conqueror   10 points
Hircine's Champion   50 points
Survival of the Fittest   50 points
Pure Instinct   50 points
March of Sacrifices Vanquisher   10 points
The Great Indrik Hunt   5 points
Wolfhunter Delver   50 points
Apex Predator   50 points
Light on Your Feet   5 points
Mist Walker   5 points
Seasonal Slaying   5 points
Trick and Trap   5 points
Veteran Bloodscent Slayer   10 points
Veteran Wispmother Slayer   10 points
Stalwart Sisterhood   10 points
Element of Surprise   10 points
Perfect Hunt   10 points