Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

Eastern Wrothgar, Wrothgar

The Frozen Isle

Hidden among the churning waves of the Sea of Ghosts, this frigid isle serves as the seat of power for the cruel Icereach Coven. Now, lashing storms swirl around it. Could this be a natural phenomenon, or something more sinister?  


Kjarg the Tuskscraper

To defeat Kjarg the Tuskscraper, the tank should focus on keeping aggro on the boss and positioning themselves behind him to avoid the hammer pound attack. The DPS should prioritize killing the Ice Atronachs as soon as they spawn to minimize enemies and damage taken. They should also kite the ice twister away from other players, especially the tank and boss. During the enraged phase, the tank can kite the boss but must be careful not to obstruct the DPS with its frontal AOE. The healer should be prepared for increased damage during this phase.

Mother Ciannait

To defeat Mother Ciannait in the Icereach Dungeon, the tank should focus on keeping the DPS free to attack. For the DPS, follow the kill order and prioritize defeating Ciannait as soon as she is available, while being cautious of boss heavy attacks, fire AOE, and shock splashes on the ground. The healer should be prepared for sustained damage to the team and spike damage on targets. Before facing Ciannait, defeat the members of the coven in the specified order, ensuring to interrupt their channels as much as possible. Once enough damage has been dealt to the sisters, Ciannait will appear in the middle of the area and cast a black orb. Prioritize killing Ciannait first, as she has less health and takes heavy damage from Sister Hiti's AOE. After the battle, speak to Lyris Titanborn to complete the quest.

Sister Skelga

To defeat Sister Skelga, the second boss of Icereach, it is important to keep track of her movements as she teleports around. For the tank, standing behind her can help avoid her ice AOE attack, while being mindful not to cleanse the dark tether that drains the tank as it will result in damage. As for the DPS, prioritizing the dispelling of the shield on the stranglers with fire damage is crucial, as they can deal heavy ice damage if not handled properly. Additionally, avoiding the frontal AOE from the boss is essential to avoid getting caught and overwhelmed.

The Stormborn Revenant

To defeat the Stormborn Revenant, the tank should prioritize avoiding the boss's heavy attack and utilize dodge-rolls or blocks. For DPS, focus on eliminating the summoned Storm Atronachs first to prevent boss buffs, while being cautious of boss AOEs and fighting near the healer. Healers should save their ultimate for when the boss summons an ice storm in the middle of the arena, at which point the party should group up for maximum healing effectiveness.

Vearogh the Shambler

To defeat Vearogh the Shambler, the tank should be prepared to take damage and stay mobile due to the many spawns in this fight. The DPS should position themselves behind the boss and prioritize taking out the summoned wraiths first, followed by the draining skeletons. When attacking the boss, it is important to avoid its fire AOE and stay behind it for sustained DPS.

Gear Sets

Bani's Torment  
Hiti's Hearth  
Titanborn Strength  
Mother Ciannait  


Harrowstorm Explorer   5 points
Icereach Coven Style Master   50 points
Icereach Challenger   50 points
Icereach Conqueror   10 points
Cold-Blooded Killer   50 points
Hex-Proof   50 points
Thane's Haste   50 points
Harrowstorm Scout   10 points
Icereach Vanquisher   10 points
Swift Silencer   10 points
Brush Fire   10 points
Harrowstorm Delver   50 points
No Rest for the Wicked   50 points
Reachman Slayer   10 points
An Open Invocation   10 points
Frost Atronach Slayer   10 points
Frozen Finish   10 points
Spit Take   10 points
Lightning Strikes Thrice   10 points
Eye of the Storm   10 points
Prodigious Pacification   10 points