Minimum Level 45

30 minutes

Giant's Run, Eastmarch

Lock and Keystone

"Mhuvnak was known as one of the most gifted builders of architecture in Dwemereth, greatly expanding their underground kingdom with ingenious constructs until his disappearance on an expedition deep into Nord lands." —Guylaine Marilie  


Rat Maze

To defeat Rat Maze, start by immediately charging your ultimate by spamming the first ability near the generator. The other two abilities increase speed and healing. The goal is to deactivate the Shock Conveyors in the maze, which can be done by charging everyone's ult and following the blue lines on the floor. Split up and have each player take a different path to the Shock Conveyor. Once all four Shock Conveyors are deactivated, the maze is complete and it's time for the first boss phase.

Gear Sets

Tzogvin's Warband   Medium Armor
Icy Conjurer   Light Armor
Mighty Glacier   Heavy Armor
Stonekeeper   Monster Helm Sets


Wrathstone Explorer   5 points
Coldsnap Style Master   50 points
Frostvault Challenger   50 points
Frostvault Conqueror   10 points
Vault Cracker   50 points
Smash and Grab   50 points
Safe Keeping   50 points
Wrathstone Dungeoneer   10 points
Frostvault Vanquisher   10 points
Wild Walloping   5 points
Running the Right Angles   5 points
Three Sheets to the Wind   5 points
Collateral Damage   10 points
Drop Testing   5 points
Rat Race   10 points
Wrathstone Delver   50 points
Relentless Raider   50 points
Veteran Riekling Slayer   10 points
Veteran Centurion Slayer   10 points
Cold Potato   10 points
A Variety of Vermin   10 points