Falkreath Hold

Falkreath Hold

Horns of the Reach

Minimum Level 45

20 minutes

Elinhir Region, Craglorn

Falkreath's Demise

Since Hakkvild drove out the Orcs in 2E 467 Falkreath has been back in the hands of the Nords. But now the weakened hold is menaced by another threat: the savage Reachmen of the Dreadhorn clan.  



To defeat Cernunnon, the MAX level boss, you need to follow a specific strategy. As the tank, your role is to take aggro on all the bosses, blocking their heavy attacks and interrupting Erbogan's summoning of flame pillars. Keep an eye on your positioning to avoid AOEs and be ready to take on Cernunnon when he spawns. As a DPS, focus on killing Erbogar first, followed by Tuecille and Mokveda individually, rather than using AOEs. Let the tank pick up the element dropped by the defeated bosses and take it to the nearby altar to damage and slow you. The boss will re-summon the adds, so the kill order and mechanics remain the same. As a healer, prioritize healing the tank and be ready with strong heals. When an add is about to go down, provide heals to the DPS so they can take the orbs to the altars for sealing. Stay near them and communicate via voice to ensure coordination. Remember to avoid leaving the protected area as it will cause damage and death.

Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor

To defeat Deathlord Bjarfrud Skjoralmor, the tank should take aggro on the boss and the draugr while keeping them in a central area. One DPS should focus on cleansing the increasing DOT and dealing AOE damage to the mobs, while the other DPS focuses on burning the boss as quickly as possible. The healer should prioritize AOE heals and assist in cleansing corpses with the urns, while also using rapid maneuver to aid the DPS in reaching the urns for cleansing. This fight requires effective management of the increasing AOEs and proper cleansing of the area to overcome the boss.

Domihaus the Bloody-Horned

To defeat Domihaus the Bloody-Horned, the party must carefully coordinate and utilize mechanics. During the fight, players should block the boss's AOE fire balls by standing behind pillars, dodge the deadly slow and fire AOE around the boss, and avoid the 360-degree deadly fire on the outer area of the pillars. When Domihaus summons four Atronachs and becomes invincible, players should focus on killing the adds. Tanks should take aggro on the boss, keep shielding and blocking, and gather the adds at the boss. DPS players should build up their ultimates to dispatch the adds efficiently and coordinate with fellow DPS to optimize their use. Healers should be prepared with AOE and individual heals for the tank and may consider equipping War Horn and Meteor for additional support. When the boss reaches 20% health, players should time their ultimates to AOE the boss's shield and the adds in the middle while avoiding fire walls and pounding.

Morrigh Bullblood

To defeat Morrigh Bullblood, a boss with humanoid adds and a minotaur wallbreaker, focus on having a tank with aggro to handle the boss while the rest of the team deals with the adds. It's crucial to be cautious of the potential stun from the boss's AOE attack, but otherwise, treat it like any other mob encounter. When the boss reaches 50% health, she will cast a shield above herself, causing significant damage to anyone caught outside. To stay safe, make sure everyone gets inside the shield.

Siege Mammoth

To defeat Siege Mammoth, the tank should grab aggro and face the mammoth away from the party to protect the DPS from its deadly damage output. The tank needs to shield, block, and dodge the mammoth's massive frontal AOE to prevent overwhelming the healer. DPS should stay at range and dodge projectiles that land on the arena. When the boss reaches around 50% health, it will initiate a massive AOE attack that must be rolled through to avoid. Healers should be prepared with buffs, healing over time abilities, and possibly soul gems to ensure the party's survival.

Gear Sets

Draugr's Rest   Light Armor
Pillar of Nirn   Medium Armor
Ironblood   Heavy Armor
Domihaus   Monster Helm Sets


Horns of the Reach Explorer   5 points
Bloodforge Style Master   50 points
Falkreath Hold Challenger   50 points
Falkreath Hold Conqueror   10 points
Bull Rush   50 points
Taking the Bull by the Horns   50 points
The Unbroken Line   50 points
Falkreath Hold Vanquisher   10 points
War Chronicler   5 points
Wild and Woolly   5 points
Horns of the Reach Delver   50 points
Column Caretaker   5 points
Deck Diver   5 points
Endure the Elements   5 points
Epic Undertaking   5 points
Oathbreaker   5 points
Saluting the Honored Dead   5 points
Veteran Dreadhorn Mage Slayer   10 points
Veteran Minotaur Trampler Slayer   10 points