Direfrost Keep

Direfrost Keep

Base Game

Minimum Level 24

20 minutes

Icewind Peaks, Eastmarch

Nobles' Rest

Ancestral home of the Direfrost clan, this frozen castle has long been sealed to the outside world, its owners neither seen nor heard from in generations. Mountain storms rage above the castle walls, conjured up by some unknown malignant power.  


Ancient Lurcher

To defeat Ancient Lurcher, start by attacking the ads before focusing on the boss. Be sure to avoid the green beams as they can cause severe poison damage. Additionally, watch out for the red circles underneath the boss, as they damage anyone caught inside. Once the boss's health is below 50%, be prepared for an enrage and lightning charge that will strengthen their AOE ability.

Drodda of Icereach

To defeat Drodda of Icereach, it is important to avoid her Frost AOE attack by running away when she blinks to teleport. Since tanking is challenging due to periodic stuns, players should be prepared to move quickly. Additionally, it is crucial to prioritize dealing with the Ice Wraiths that spawn at 50% health as they can greatly impede the fight.

Drodda's Apprentice

To defeat Drodda's Apprentice, you need to have a high enough level character with strong gear and abilities. Focus on dealing damage to the apprentice while also keeping an eye on your own health. Utilize crowd control abilities to interrupt the apprentice's spellcasting and avoid taking unnecessary damage. Utilizing healing and defensive abilities at the right times is crucial to surviving the encounter. Coordinate with your team or companions to optimize your chances of success. Keep an eye on the apprentice's health and adjust your tactics accordingly to defeat them efficiently.

Drodda's Dreadlord

To defeat Drodda's Dreadlord, you should prioritize preventing the Frigid Banekins from reaching your team by pulling the boss away from his original location. This will create distance between the Banekin and the Deathlord, allowing your DPS to deal with them before they explode and cause AOE damage. Additionally, the tank should block the boss's heavy melee attacks to minimize damage taken.

Guardian of the Flame

To defeat the Guardian of the Flame, it is important to spread out to minimize the impact of the AOE damage caused by its charges. The tank should block the heavy melee attacks and ensure that the boss is faced away from the group, allowing them to avoid the frontal cone attacks. Additionally, be cautious of the patches of lightning that appear randomly throughout the battle.


To defeat Iceheart, the tank should block the frontal cone attack while the other players focus on damaging the boss. If you are in melee range, it is advised to stay in the red circle beneath the boss and continue dealing damage instead of trying to run away, as escaping would be difficult. It is important to have a strong healer to ensure the survival of melee players, as they will still take damage while staying in the circle. Additionally, all players should prioritize killing the Draugr that spawn from the red circles created by the boss's fist smash onto the ground.

Teethnasher the Frostbound

To defeat Teethnasher the Frostbound, kite him to avoid the snare and have a chance of hitting him. The tank should keep moving to avoid his heavy charges and melee DPS the boss while he pauses after a charge.

Gear Sets

Magicka Furnace   Light Armor
Draugr Hulk   Medium Armor
Ice Furnace   Heavy Armor
Iceheart   Monster Helm Sets


Direfrost Keep Vanquisher   10 points
Direfrost Keep Conqueror   15 points
A Dish Served Cold   50 points
Veteran Draugr Slayer   10 points
Veteran Frozen Skeleton Slayer   10 points
Direfrost Keep Survivor   50 points
Direfrost Keep Assassin   50 points