Crypt of Hearts II

Crypt of Hearts II

Base Game

Minimum Level 43

30 minutes

Westmark Moor, Rivenspire

Edge of Darkness

This place's forbidding black towers are visible for leagues, even through Rivenspire's drifting mists. Yet the local inhabitants never mention it, behaving as if it doesn't even exist. But the Crypt of Hearts is no illusion or mirageā€”it is solid and all too real.  


Gear Sets

Shroud of the Lich   Light Armor
Leviathan   Medium Armor
Ebon Armory   Heavy Armor
Nerien'eth   Monster Helm Sets


Crypt of Hearts II Vanquisher   10 points
Crypt of Hearts II Conqueror   10 points
The Blade's Edge   50 points
Veteran Flesh Atronach Slayer   10 points
Veteran Spiderkith Slayer   10 points
Deadly Crypt Survivor   50 points
Crypt of Hearts II Assassin   50 points