City of Ash I

City of Ash I

Base Game

Minimum Level 20

20 minutes

Green's Marrow, Greenshade

Razor's Edge

Not all Wood Elves are happy about Valenwood joining the Aldmeri Dominion. Some fear for their beloved forests, while others fear their heritage and traditions will be diluted or replaced. A few groups have retreated to refuges deep in the jungle.  


Infernal Guardian

To defeat the Infernal Guardian, you need a strong healer and be attentive during the battle to evade the multiple AoE fire attacks. The healer must keep the party near full health, while the tank blocks the Guardian's Power Attacks. As long as these two roles are fulfilled, the battle should go smoothly.

Razor Master Erthas

To defeat Razor Master Erthas in the City of Ash dungeon, players should prioritize avoiding his AoE fire attacks by paying close attention and rolling to avoid his cross-shaped AoE fire attack when necessary. Ranged DPS has an advantage during this fight due to Erthas frequently teleporting, so they should keep an eye on him and follow his movement. Additionally, when Erthas summons a Flame Atronach, the DPS should quickly eliminate it to prevent complications from dealing with both the add and the boss simultaneously.

Warden of the Shrine

To defeat the Warden of the Shrine, it is crucial to prioritize the healers and tank. The tank must block all Power Attacks from the Warden to prevent significant damage. Healers should constantly monitor the tank's health and focus on healing them. Additionally, the tank should move the Warden away from the areas of fire created by the boss to protect melee DPS from taking damage. Ranged DPS can still benefit from this tactic. Lastly, party members should be cautious of the Warden's random attacks and easily avoidable AoE attacks, which can be mitigated with a reliable healer.

Gear Sets

Burning Spellweave   Light Armor
Sunderflame   Medium Armor
Embershield   Heavy Armor
Infernal Guardian   Monster Helm Sets


City of Ash I Vanquisher   10 points
City of Ash I Conqueror   15 points
Fire Brigade   50 points
Veteran Deadlands Banekin Slayer   10 points
Veteran Flame Atronach Slayer   10 points
City of Ash I Survivor   50 points
City of Ash I Assassin   50 points