Blessed Crucible

Blessed Crucible

Base Game

Minimum Level 32

20 minutes

Smokefrost Peaks, The Rift

Fires of Battle

Warriors from all over Tamriel whisper about the Blessed Crucible, the hidden arena in the mountains of Skyrim where the mighty contend for fame, wealth, and the fabled Brimstone Crown.  


Captain Thoran

To defeat Captain Thoran, first, prioritize killing the ads surrounding him to minimize distractions during the fight. Next, constantly move around to avoid stepping into the purple clouds that randomly appear and cause damage. Finally, once Captain Thoran reaches low health and a Lava Atronach is spawned, focus on eliminating the Atronach to remove the shield protecting the Captain, allowing for easier damage.

Grunt the Clever

To defeat Grunt the Clever, you need to break free of the Fear caused by his periodic AOE Fear shout using your Stamina. Additionally, you should avoid his massive frontal AOE melee attack by either running away or rolling away if necessary.

Lava Queen

To defeat Lava Queen, focus on the following strategy: Take it easy and maintain a slow and steady approach. The key to success lies in dealing with the Lava Atronachs that periodically shield the boss with their beams. Additionally, be vigilant of the red circles marking random lava eruptions and avoid them. When the Queen swings her sword at the ground, be prepared for large lava eruptions that can cause damage in multiple directions. Stay at a distance to avoid her fire attacks and rely on the tank to block heavy melee attacks. Pull back during eruptions and resume the fight once they subside.

Teranya the Faceless

To defeat Teranya the Faceless, prioritize taking down the 2 Enraged Durzog ads that come with the boss as they can cause significant damage. The boss itself has relatively simple mechanics, with a 360-degree AOE attack that can be easily avoided and a heavy melee attack that should be blocked by the tank to prevent knockdown. Additionally, be cautious of the Frigid Banekins that spawn at the boss' original location, as they charge at players to explode and cause large AOE damage.

The Pack

To defeat The Pack, focus on taking down the healer first to prevent him from prolonging the battle. Next, prioritize the rogue who can be troublesome with fast attacks. Be prepared for each boss to transform into a werewolf at 30% health. Keep an eye out for health potions that may appear in the middle of the room and use them to your advantage.

The Stinger & The Troll King

To defeat The Stinger & The Troll King, you need to prioritize movement and positioning. For The Stinger, make sure to constantly stay aware of who they are targeting and quickly move out of the poisonous cloud created underneath the targeted player. As for The Troll King, be prepared for his powerful attacks by spreading out the group to minimize the damage from his jumps and AOE attacks. Additionally, ensure that everyone avoids the frontal tremor waves by staying away from the Troll's immediate vicinity. Overall, effective coordination, quick reflexes, and proper positioning are key to successfully defeating these formidable bosses.

Gear Sets

Nikulas' Heavy Armor   Heavy Armor
Noble Duelist's Silks   Light Armor
Sword Dancer   Medium Armor
The Troll King   Monster Helm Sets


Blessed Crucible Vanquisher   10 points
Blessed Crucible Conqueror   15 points
Coronation by Fire   50 points
Veteran Durzog Slayer   10 points
Veteran Gladiator Slayer   10 points
Blessed Crucible Survivor   50 points
Blessed Crucible Assassin   50 points