Black Drake Villa

Black Drake Villa

Flames of Ambition

Minimum Level 45

25 minutes

Gold Coast

After the fall of the Longhouse Emperors, this grand retreat stayed largely abandoned aside from the occasional treasure hunter. Most of the spoils of Durcorach's campaign across Tamriel went missing, only to appear later on the black market.  


Gear Sets

True-Sworn Fury  
Kinras's Wrath  
Drake's Rush  
Encratis's Behemoth  


Flames of Ambition Explorer   5 points
True-Sworn Style Master   50 points
Black Drake Villa Challenger   50 points
Black Drake Villa Conqueror   10 points
Snuffed Out   50 points
Unsinged   50 points
Speed Reader   50 points
Flames of Ambition Scout   10 points
Black Drake Villa Vanquisher   10 points
Flames of Ambition Delver   50 points
Ardent Bibliophile   50 points
Flame Beast Slayer   10 points
True-Sworn Slayer   10 points
Amphibians Arrested   10 points
Breaking Ranks   50 points
Eviction Notice   50 points
Shake It Up   10 points
Salley-oop   10 points