Arx Corinium

Arx Corinium

Base Game

Minimum Level 18

20 minutes

Venomous Fens, Shadowfen

Force of Nature

The Second Empire made some advances into the periphery of Black Marsh, but they didn't stay long. Arx Corinium, once an Imperial fort, is now occupied by denizens of the deep swamp—and even stranger things.  


Ancient Lurcher

To defeat Ancient Lurcher, you should start by attacking the ads before targeting the boss. Be careful to avoid the green beams, as they can cause severe poison damage. Additionally, watch out for the red circles underneath the boss, as they can also deal damage. Once the boss's health drops below 50%, be prepared for an enrage and lightning charge that will increase his AOE ability.

Fanged Menace

To defeat Fanged Menace, first prioritize dealing with the ads surrounding the boss. The tank should block the boss's heavy melee attacks and keep it focused away from the group. When the boss curls up and a red circle appears underneath, the tank should move away to avoid the circle, as standing in it will heal the boss and negate all damage done. By taking out the ads, managing the tank's positioning and movement, and avoiding the AOE red circle, you can overcome Fanged Menace.

Ganakton the Tempest

To defeat Ganakton the Tempest, it is important to spread out across the room to avoid the Lightning Waves that can cause high amounts of Shock damage and stun nearby players. If hit by the Wave, use an Interrupt or break free ability using stamina to escape the Stun. Additionally, be prepared to heal through the unavoidable shock pulses.

Matron Ixniaa

To defeat Matron Ixniaa, first prioritize dealing with the ads to prevent being overwhelmed. Avoid the smaller inner circle, as it can inflict significant damage, potentially even killing you if not at full health. The larger outer circle's damage can be recovered from. The healer should focus on keeping the player with the circles at full health as a precaution.

Sellistrix the Lamia Queen

To defeat Sellistrix the Lamia Queen, the tank should position her facing away from the group to avoid the heavy damage frontal cone scream. Players should avoid standing in the water during the lightning strikes, as it becomes electrified and electrocutes anyone in it. The islands in the room are generally safe, but they can be targeted by the lightning AOE. If there is a dedicated healer in the group, it may be better to stay on the island and endure the AOE hit rather than stepping in the electrified water. Jumping from island to island can be safer, but it risks the group running into the frontal cone attack aimed at the tank. When Sellistrix is on land, the tank should get her in the water to do spell criticals and normal damage, but should get her out of the water when she electrocutes. The screams are random and cannot be taunted, and only range taunts seem to work reliably. After a scream, the boss needs to be taunted five times or she will attack a random person.

Sliklenia the Songstress

To defeat Sliklenia the Songstress, first, ensure that you do not kill the pet ad until the boss is dead. The pet ad actually helps minimize the damage from the boss's singing by creating a sonic shield in a random location in the room. Follow the pet into the shield when the boss sings to avoid taking the high damage from the sound pulses. After the Songstress dies, then you can proceed to kill the pet. Additionally, assign a tank to block the heavy melee attacks from the boss.

Gear Sets

Lamia's Song   Light Armor
Undaunted Infiltrator   Medium Armor
Medusa   Heavy Armor
Sellistrix   Monster Helm Sets


Arx Corinium Vanquisher   10 points
Arx Corinium Conqueror   15 points
Snake Skinner   50 points
Veteran Lamia Slayer   10 points
Veteran Snake Slayer   10 points
Arx Corinium Survivor   50 points
Arx Corinium Assassin   50 points